1978 synthpunk? yesplease
these synths are sexy

Vice Versa- New Girls Neutrons

Vice Versa- Science Fact

Vice Versa- Riot Squad

Vice Versa- Camille

When a wellmeaning pretentio-band decides they want to advise maudlin teens against gouging out their veins from their wrists and ruining new carpets what must be done?

Remixes, of course.

Clubfeet- Teenage Suicide (Kap10Kurt Remix)

Here's the original:

The remix is good, just ignore the lyrics and move.

The gossip's latest single's been remixed...again.
Nothing to rival the overplayed laviathan that was the soulwax mix of standing... but it's alright, all boopy and blippy (Give it 30 seconds)
The Gossip- “Heavy Cross” (Black Lights Remix)

I'm a Cliché records (Oh aren't they self-depricating and arty) are celebrating their fifth birthday with a compilation CD, and have released a lil track to tickle our earbuds
It's alright, A bit like one of those slightly dirty old soul songs parents listen to
I feel like I should be giving my mother a disapproving look and saying "OHHH YOU GAIIYZZ" with red cheeks.
Azari & III- “Hungry For The Power”

I've a passion for 70s lounge music at the moment
Soft Rocks - Cathedrals

Yet another electroutfit, this time from the merry old land of Oz
So I’m Jo - Everything’s Ahead
So I’m Jo - Static
No plans for UK tour, but here's hopeful

more gifts:

The Presets - My People (Mouse On Mars Acid Pretzels Remix)

Foals - Brazil Is Here!

Teenage Bad Girl - Hands of a Stranger (D.I.M Remix)

Robots in Disguise - The Sex Has Made Me Stupid (Stupid Sex Midfield General mix)