new EP from exlovers "you forget so easily"

and more lofi noise from no age
no age losing feeling Pictures, Images and Photos
"losing feeling EP"

if you're here chances are you like techhouse/electro/bass faggotry or you dj.
good garage blog;
most probably different, but lovely.

bonus: Very highly related remix of fever ray (karin driejer)'s seven by the twelves
Fever Ray Pictures, Images and Photos
Seven remix by The Twelves

Vitalic - Poison Lips from Seiji Ito on Vimeo.

poison lips taken from the album flashmob

I'm sure the disco revival will get boring fast but let's enjoy it whilst it lasts.

Justice are moving label from ed banger, and with uffie going astray and very little in the way of releases (Ed rec 4 anywhere? no?) fears abound that without mainstream hitters EB will die (or at least in its current form). Where is sebastiAn?

ms whatserface turns me on.

I don't even like ladies but her voice makes me shiver

oh baby baby.

I feel quite sick, I just watched trnsformers 2 revenge of the something.

The shittest film i've seen in a long long time. Seriously, don't bother. TWO AND A HALF HOURS of my life have been taken away from me. I feel like i've been mugged and raped in a dark alleyway in broad daylight.

thomas bangalter - irreversible Pictures, Images and Photos

Thomas bangalter of daft punk fame scored the film "irreversible" all in ultra-low frequencies to deliberately make you feel off centred and sicky.

Paris by Night

Night Beats

it won't work through mpeg, but you can imagine.

Thomas Bangalter Pictures, Images and Photos


t-bang2 Pictures, Images and Photos

white denim - fits
white denim Pictures, Images and Photos
ambitious are we?

Joe And Will Ask Pictures, Images and Photos
More joe and will ask?
get their mixtapes if you can.

Joe and Will Ask? – Mongozo!

Joe and Will Ask? – Claymore

and a glitch mob overload (courtesy of ER)
(You may remember them from their tv on the radio mix earlier in the year)

The Glitch Mob – Crush Mode Mixtape <<>

STS9 – Beyond Right Now (The Glitch Mob Remix)

Matty G – West Coast Rocks (The Glitch Mob Remix)

Nalepa – Monday (The Glitch Mob Remix)

Two Door Cinema Club - Four words to stand on EP (new)
Two Door Cinema Club Pictures, Images and Photos
New EP to follow their last. Good, bombay bicycle clubbish
Good? Bad? Who knows?
take it.

New yeahyeahyeahs thanks to stereogum
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix)"

N.A.S.A recently opened up a remix contest with interesting results.
(Royksopp have done a similar thing with "tricky tricky" and if you can get the horror show mix do, it's stunningly good)
some of the better results through a mirror;

N.A.S.A - Strange Enough (Mr Oizo Remix) <<<< src="http://www.indiecentmusic.com/aimg/5bit.gif" alt="" height="5" width="5">
N.A.S.A feat. Sizzla, Amanda Blank - A Volta (Database Remix)

N.A.S.A. - Whachadoin (NROTB Remix)
Local Natives - Gorilla Manor
Local Natives Pictures, Images and Photos
Download here here

VAMPIRE WEEKEND Pictures, Images and Photos
I've never ever got vampire weekend.
I'm meant to apparently but they grate on me for no reason at all.
Never the less, sampler from upcoming album Contra

more jangles and harmonies?
Girls - Album
Simplistic but still nice.

Tiny vipers,
sort of joanna newsomish but not.
Maybe a bit of cat power.
Second album, i'm not cool enough to have heard her debut first.
Tiny Vipers Pictures, Images and Photos
"Life on earth"

New decks coming very soon which means new sets,
If I know and love you message me for in-formation

A few people have asked me to post local band stuff.
Please note if your bands name is "alone with you" "Blaspheming lovers" "love lost symphony loneliness" or some other morbid screamo pop shit i've no interest.
Young Djs, local bands with ideas (not necessarily skill or talent) and people interested in production talk to me.

neon indian Pictures, Images and Photos

monarchy, electro london boyduo
little bit like golden filter, somebody suggested presets to me but I disagree.

monarchy - gold in the fire (demo)

^courtesy of discodust.

I love royksopp I do I do,
especially when they do things with Karin Dreijer
Tricky Tricky, What else is there etc.
But Rex the dog have redone "This must be it"
lots of vocoder and synth
typical, but still lovely.
Röyksopp - This Must Be It (Rex The Dog K-DART Remix)
OH and it has steel drums.

lovely bass please:
Dead Disco Drivers - Danger Ride

Dead Disco Drivers - Presets On Parade

Chromeo Pictures, Images and Photos
first new material for 2 years, taster of upcoming album
Chromeo - Night by Night

I want to hate these twats but something about it makes me bop

uffie vs salt n peppa vs millionaires

acceptably annoying vs annoying vs cuntishly annoying.