Rather than try some kind of halloween mix thing,
(Frankly I don't have the time or desire to)
I figured a bevy of monstrously good tracks would suit.
{^ Sorry}

[Dolby Anol]

[Fare Soldi]


[Crystal Castles]
^Rehash of the album track.

Special Treat:

BUSY P Pictures, Images and Photos

Promoting their set at HARD Haunted Mansion,
Busy P & Brodinski compiled a delightful mix for your enjoyment.



1. Daniel Haaksman - Hands Up (Jan Driver Rmx)
2. NT89 & Camel - Flush
3. Keith - Get up Ouch
4. Rachel Barton - Goose Step (Justin Martin Rmx)
5. Breach - Man Up
6. La Riots - The Drop (Duke Dumont 'Thudding Like Elmer' Rmx)
7. Sovnger & Alex Gopher - Breathless (Alex Gopher Night Rmx)
8. Tiga - You gonna Want Me (Hey Today Rmx)
9. Disco Of Doom - Sex Face
10. Nom De Strip - Tickler
11. Steve Angello - Knas (Wafa Re-edit)
12. Novalima - Machete (Savage Skulls & French Fries Rmx)
13. Harvard Bass - O.N.U.R.P.
14. Lvis 1990 - forever You
15. Brenmar & NguzuNguzu - Knee Deep
16. Wildlife - Metazoa
17. Skream - Rolling Kicks

I'm not a fan of Esser particularly,
I never saw anything that warranted his status as an NME bum-rape victim.
BUT, this little collaboration with Golden Bug is rather delightful.
Even with that voice.

Golden Bug Treats on Beatport:

Go to Beatport.comGet These TracksAdd This Player

Almost as lovely is their giving away of all their mixtapes on their myspace.
Go hunt.


Spreading around the blogosphere like wildfire.
US Film release is December, EU Soundtrack release (DP have made 24 tracks) in February.


Always good to hear something new from sebastiAn.
Although you've heard it every year since 2006, his album is slated for release at the end of the year.
(No drop date, name, press releases or tracklist, hence unlikely)


he's a rather good remix on Uffie's new EP for the latest release from "Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans".

Yes, it is 320.
It's just compressed to shit (as per) by sebastiAn.


Been a while, no?
Now i'm getting all sorted up north i've time to post etc.

Seem to have found lots of tracks I should have known about a while ago but somehow missed.

Case(s) in point:


Homeless (Felix Cartal Gross Edit) [320]
[Style of Eye & Slagsmalsklubben]

Brrat (Original Mix) [320]
[Armand Van Helden & Steve Aoki]

Also wanted to recommend the new D.I.M. EP "Kleine Traume"
Truly a thing of beauty:
Beatport it here
(Can't post it yet for legal reasons)

Oh yeah it's my birthday as well.

Scary how much this sounds like Beck.
& in comes the banjo.


I've been hunting for an audio of the above video for far too long. Personally I love it, and the visuals just add a little something special to the whole affair.

And if you like what you hear:

HYPNOTOAD - Henry Homesweet


Hello once again dearest music lovers. I appreciate its been a while, but what with the transition to the south, i've rarely had time to hunt for music.

So, by chance i was walking down Carnaby Street when I was handed a free CD promo mix.
You may aswell enjoy it, and apologies for the lack of 320:


Bye Nottingham.
With me moving in about 6 hours and oj setting himself up in London, posting will yet again become sporadic for a period.

Track-dump to tide you over?
Of course.

Robin Hood Statue Pictures, Images and Photos

You've probably heard this non-stop over the last 4 months,
but it's only recently blogs've been allowed to post it in 320.
(Despite it not actually being all that great)

Popular demand:

Duck Sauce

+ + +

Shinichi Osawa Ft. Paul Chambers

Panther [320]
The Count & Sinden

The Chemical Brothers

Finally, old but still great:

Beastie Boys

L8r nottz,
luv u.