Unless you've been living under a rock you'll have heard Lana Del Rey's 'Video Games' by now.
Whilst it's tempting to follow HRO, P4K and god knows how many others in discussing how she's uber-mainstreamer or (probably) not an altBro,

To be honest I just like the song.

If you've not heard it:

Anyway, why're we here.
As soon as it started going viral it was just a case of waiting for mixers to try and capitalise on the hype.


LDR Double A-side "Video Games//Blue Jeans" available in 7" and digital from the 16th October.

Woon remix tbc.

Not heard a lot out of Buraka Som Sistema since Fabriclive,
With their third LP Komba set to drop on the 31st October, something arrived in my mailbox.

Bababa (Hangover) (Shaan Saigol Remix) [320]
[Buraka Som Sistema]

First half: Brilliant (Congorockesque)

+ Komba preview track +

Felguk have been busy,
What with their collaborations with Spencer & Hill, DirtyLoud, and... Example.

The intro's not much to shout about, but when it drops the bass is deep enough to swim in.

felguk Pictures, Images and Photos

Jack It (Original Mix) [320]



Dj Mehdi Pictures, Images and Photos

Full story HERE

Condolences to his son, his wife Fafi, the Ed crew and the endless number of DJs who've taken to the net to express their shock at his passing, and their gratitude for his very existence.


It's been so long since i've found anything worthy to contribute,
so, without further ado:

Sirius [320]



Finally a decent edit:

Bust em Up (Na Cyphra) (Fat Boy Slim Re-Edit) [320]

Ignore the annoying vocals and groove:

Take Me Over (Bingo Players Remix) [320]
[Manufactured Superstars feat. Scarlett Quinn]

It's Beataucue, 'nuf said:

H.O.W.L. Feat. Shinichi Osawa [320]

Again, ignore the vocals:

I'm Still Hot (R3hab Remix) [320]

And... we had to do it...

No Beef (Vocal Mix) [320]
[Afrojack//Steve Aoki]

Building hype for ZZT's (AKA: Tiga & Zombie Nation's) new EP "Vulkan Alarm!":

September 5th kids!

A new treat from gLAdiator:

Hadn't paid much attention to Alesso except for his eponymous EP (over a year ago).
I think you could've safely said he was very much a tech-house kinda guy.


[Nadia Ali]


How had we not heard of these guys before?

Monsters of Graveyard are a pair of bros from Latvia.
The presentation ain't great (Hire a new promo team boys!)
But the prod skills they're showing on some of their tracks are impressive.

attack of the squirrel Pictures, Images and Photos

[Monsters of Graveyard]

Only in LQ because they need your support!

[ed: The track's now listed on Beatports top ten electro tracks!]

Scared by how much prog-house i've been listening to lately.

[Sandro Silva, Quintino]

Apt track ID.
Turn the lows up when it drops and you'll know what I mean.

New weekly feature:

A weekly collection o' tracks that've got us jiving.

Duplex (Original Mix) [320]
[Sydney Samson]

Never Will Be Mine (FLG Vocal Mix) [320]
[Robyn feat. Rye Rye]

Fists In The Air [320]

Endless (Original Mix) [320]
[Gregori Klossman & Promise Land]

Devil's Town (Bart B More Stuiter Remix) [320]

Save The World (Zedd Remix) [320]
[Swedish House Mafia]

Very very good:

The Way We See The World [320]
(Tomorrowland Anthem Instrumental Mix)
[Dimitri Vegas, Afrojack, NERVO, Like Mike]

New Dada Life!

It would have been easy to fuck up a Mustard Pimp mix, but they've blasted it.

Yellow Frosting =Mustard Pictures, Images and Photos

[Mustard Pimp]

Why would you re-edit Boys Noize/Erol Alkan and get Jarvis Cocker to vocalise over it?

Ask Terminal Velocity.

jarvis cocker Pictures, Images and Photos

Available in HQ from Phantasy.

Boy howdy is D.I.M. good.
Not as rowdy as usual, but still fantastic.

Chilled and ready to serve

The Graduate Pictures, Images and Photos

We're suckers for chopped up vocals:

[Will Bailey]

[Watch this space]

and Bass:

[AC Slater]

and Djedjotronic:


and... hits?

[Duck Sauce]

This dropped yesterday and boy howdy is it good.
We like John Dahlback anyway, but try passing this through your speakers.

John Dahlback @ Spybar Pictures, Images and Photos

[John Dahlback]

Just released as a double A-side with Pesca.
Pesca's great too, but there's a reason Violins is the lead track...

Linked up to this through beatport charts.
Not normally my thing, but I like the contrast.

cristo redentor Pictures, Images and Photos

[Artistic Raw]

Booty rattlin'

The word hype isn't even close to describing what's been going down about this track pre and post release.
After "Lyposuct" folks have been waiting for another smash from D.I.M & Tai
(Even though some of their work separately is arguably better...).

Whilst it's good, it's not got that sugar-sugar lyposuct had.
It's got energy but lacks the bootyshake-inducing charm.

Have an LQ version:

[D.I.M. & Tai]

And Beatport it here

A new, rather smashing stomper from Beataucue.

[Adrian Lux]

Takes a while, then boom!

Probably more famous for his combo with Chuckie (The masterful "Mutfakta"),
This new track from Gregori Klosman may just top it.

[Gregori Klosman]

Can't help but think this is what "Ion" (The new "Lyposuct-killer") by D.I.M. & Tai SHOULD have sounded like...

Holy balls it's sticky.
Tracks old and new for the summer?
Go on then.

Strutting Pictures, Images and Photos


If ever there was a song for strutting down the street in the sunshine, it's this:


We like it so much, we're posting it again:

I Wanna Know

Not as good as their first album (SO HIP), but still some gems:

The Bay

Different from what you'd expect:

Vegetarian Restaurant
[The Knife]

fresh prince Pictures, Images and Photos

Unadulterated funk:

Shades of Black

Great track, great times:

[Rye Rye feat. M.I.A.]

Next: For the Pre-drinks

We've mentioned Royksopp's "Track of the month before".

Royksopp Pictures, Images and Photos

This track was more than likely from "Junior".

Very similar to the fantastic "You don't have a clue"
(Just listen to the piano and layered synths).

No longer available to buy or take from their website.
Great for lazy summers.



This remix is pretty awful.
But then at 1:45...

[Laidback Luke, Steve Aoki, Lil' Jon]

Yet another angry remix of GTRONIC's Sucker Punch:

Sucker Punch (Disco Villains Last Remix) [320]

george michael Pictures, Images and Photos

Who'da thunk a George Michael remix could turn out so funky?

Careless Whisper (Van O Remix) [320]
[George Michael]


[ Bonus ]

Been out a year, and still sounding fresh.



We're fans of Dada Life here,
especially when they make amusing teasers for new tracks:

Alas Fight Club Is Closed has been and gone,
here's a new remix by Hardwell:

[Dada Life]

[ed: Sorry Dada]


New track from those wobbly Dutch rascals Bassjackers:
(I know that Dutch is dead already but it's good I swear)

Mush, Mush [320]


Over the last few months i've been falling deeper for John Dahlback.
God knows what he's using, but his last few releases have been brilliant.

[See the fantastic "Kairo" and his remix of Tony Gomez' "Tell Me" below]

More importantly we've his latest remix of Benny Benassi's Electroman.
Manages to top the Congorock mix (only just).

[Benny Benassi ft. T-pain]

A song with T-pain that's listenable?


New Justice track:

Justice / Civilization Pictures, Images and Photos

Civilization [256, m4a]

Ripe for remixing.

Brief hiatus whilst we prepare our 300th post.
Treats in store homeslices.

After 3 years of waiting,
SebastiAn's finally announced his new album "Total" will be released later this year.

New new new:

Needless to say:


With Justice making their return on 04/04/2011 with "Civilization",
It wouldn't be a bloghouse-off without MSTRKRFT coming back too.

MSTRKRFT Pictures, Images and Photos

Two years on from Fist of God (JFK's been working on his own stuff):


[Not doing it for me but...]

congorock Pictures, Images and Photos

New remix from bang-maestro Congorock.
Ignore the shitty vocal skits from T-pain, the lows are suh-weet.

[Benny Benassi ft. T-pain]


fukkk offf Pictures, Images and Photos

Fukkk Offf has come a long way since the love/hate hit "Rave is King".
If you didn't hear the original you've probably heard a remix.
(God knows we shipped them out)
Great remix of Dirty Disco Youth's latest "No Love"

[Dirty Disco Youth]

(Spoiling you today)

Lazrtag Pictures, Images and Photos

A rather late, but still great remix by californian duo-dandy LAZRtag:





Steve Aoki once again nailing another big sound, this time with the help of Laidback Luke and Lil' Jon.

Sounds like an odd combination i'll admit, but it sure is good.

Prince of Persia by Sticky K drops March 15th(itunes) and March 22nd (Beatport)

Preview cuts already available on zippyshare etc, best to wait no?

Drops at 2:55:

You know the DJM800?
That mixer you and others have been using in about 95% of clubs around the world?
Pioneer's got a replacement.
Pioneer's DJM-900 "Nexus"
[click image for HQ]

Looks very similar, but the keen eyed amongst you will see the new gizmos they've added.

More comprehensive MIDI control
+ full plug and play compatability with Traktor (Traktor-certified)

Legato-link and Quantize functions with CDJ-900 and CDJ-2000s
(No word yet as to compatibility with the 850 or 350 models)

2 new colour effects bringing the total to 6
(The two new effects being the Dub Echo and Gate/Compressor)
+ A new X-strip underneath the effects screen

5 new beat-synced effects,
plus effects from both the DJM 700k and 800 to bring the grand total to 18
(Not including the 6 colour effects)
USB slot, assumedly for recording.

Details are still reasonably sketchy.

Of course with this being the 800's replacement you can expect an equally high price.
With the current UK RRP rumoured to be around £1599 (inc VAT) and a release for the end of next month (late-March),
best have saved the student loan.
Or you could remortgage your house.
Your choice.

(Scout eBay for cheap 800s over the next 3-5 months for the larger clubs getting rid of them)

Huge love for Rye Rye, even with M.I.A.
Whilst the latter's debatably gone downhill, Rye Rye's going up and up.
Signed to N.E.E.T, she's a new mixtape "RYEot PoweRR" generating shit-tonnes of blogbuzz.

^[The only reason anyone should allow Miley Cyrus anywhere near their ears.]^









Last years single with M.I.A:

Sunshine [192]
Full quality on Sunshine (feat. MIA) - Sunshine (feat. MIA) - Single

Debut album dropping later this year "Go! Pop! Bang!".

Nothing like chilled out grooves to get you through the monday struggle:

[Directed by Parker Hays]
[He also directed the video for "Coastin" last year]

Float On [320]
[Cities Aviv]

Cities Avivs redux(?) of Modest Mouse's 2004 single Float On,
(By that I mean it samples beats from a cover of Float on by Blackbird Blackbird)
Great vibes, especially considering Lupe Fiasco, Ben Lee and Goldspot have all had a hack at it.


Brand new Dada Life, out today and now in your ears.
Its good...
Its oh so good:

White Noise/Red Meat - Dada Life [320]

Dare I say a favourite?

Huoratron @ Playgrounds 2008 Pictures, Images and Photos

Long time no post?


[Boys Noize]

[Designer Drugs]
Get it

The Huoratron mix is ear-destroying,
and the Dada Life mix was the highlight of their end-of-year mixtape.

More coming soon to make up for the hiatus.

Brand new Afrojack?
Only once again he's gone and teamed up with Bobby Burns to bring you this little number.
Less of the Afro-squeak and more of a synthy feel, at least, thats what I think.

Make your own decisions:

Bridge - Afrojack & Bobby Burns [320]


XN's inevitable "Best of" post

After a year dominated by queerpop, slutwave and the late arrival (to British shores) of nuwaveultratapelofisurfindie,
you'd be forgiven for thinking the world was ending
(especially when your middle aged relative is raving about "The Suburbs").

Nevertheless some good came of 2k10 right?

Most Overplayed:

[Swedish House Mafia]

Barbra Streisand
[Duck Sauce]

Take Over Control
[Afrojack ft. Eva Simons]

Best Tracks:

Babylon [Dub]

Rocking The Set

The Bottom
[Fukkk Offf]

[Bart B More]

Best For A Car Advert:

[Steve Angello]

Best Labels:

Mad Decent
Fool's Gold
Dim Mak

.zip file? All in 320?