It's freezing,
I thought you should know.

Booty-shakin' beats to get you warm and jivey?
Sure brah-brah.

[Etienne De Crecy]

[Benny Benassi + Afrojack, as if you didn't know from the synth]



Get Rough (Aerotronics Remix) [320, but not setworthy]
[Shaved Monkeys]

Olive1 [192]
(Prodded up "towhomitmayconcern" live version of "O")

Put the Breakbot mix on,
and strut.


New teaser for Bloody Beetroots Church of Noise tour.
Expect awe/jealousy inspiring youtube videos that make you want to go euro-club trekking.

Another day,
Another bevy of lovely tracks.

cdj Pictures, Images and Photos

[Felix Cartal]


Boss Rush [320]
(German tech at its best)
[Shadow Dancer]


[The subs vs Les Petits Pilous]
Just what you'd expect when you throw together two of the angriest young european electro crews.
There are more collaboration tracks on the way as well.
Joy of joys.

I'd ignored Ghostland Observatory's new album on the basis that 2008's effort Robotique Majestique, whilst good, did nothing that made me erupt in orgasmic beat-driven screams.
Then I was linked to this video:

Kick, Clap, Speaker [256]

(Anyone feeling familiar looking at the lightshow, see mstrkrft)

Not that I would EVER advocate downloading albums for free,
but their entire discography has been put online by some disreputable sorts.

Just sayin'


After years of telling us to do so, Dada Life are helping us to:

Kanye West MPC XL VL Pictures, Images and Photos

As a kanye fan who chooses to ignore 808s & Heartbreaks,
(an increasingly smaller demographic)
and the "I'ma letchu finish" fiasco,
and the "George Bush hates black people" fiasco,
and the "Touch The Sky" awards fiasco
and the etc etc etc.

I'm quite excited for the new album drop on November 22nd.


Don't Look Down
(Ft. Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco)
Looking For Trouble
(Ft. Pusha T, Big Sean etc)
All Of The Lights
(Ft. John Legend, The Dream, Ryan Leslie, Alicia Keys, Rihanna etc)

(Go buy it on the 22nd, you never know)

mustard pimp Pictures, Images and Photos

Another month, another Mustard Pimp catastrophe series mixtape.
No playlist as the pair want you to fill in the blanks and win a pile of crap
(Stickers, tees etc)
Know them all?
Head to their soundcloud.
(then tell me the name of the track at 37.00)
Ed: remix of Boys Noize's Nerve by Hey Today

Don't want to wait 3 months for the Daft Punk score to Tron: Legacy?
A clever greek so-and-so by the name of NTEIBINT,
perhaps better known for his remix of Jamaica's I Think I Like U 2,
has (through cutting and editing the backing from the movie trailer)
recreated Daft Punk's "Derezzed".

Daft Punk Tron Legacy Pictures, Images and Photos

Derezzed (NTEIBINT's Tron Re-edit) [320]

soz y'all, should've been faster

Just to tide you over.


Normally i'd hate anything that came out of Kanye West's mouth, but seeing as Steve Aoki came along and made him better, I decided i quite liked this.

maybe you will too:

NASA - Gifted ft Santogold & Kanye West (Steve Aoki Remix) [320]