New album from Sexy Sushi on disc July 26th "Cyril"


1. Cyril 

2. Forêt mystique, le malin qui grandit en moi 

3. Oublie moi 
4. Les codes 
5. Marin 
6. La mort d'une dame 
7. La fille à la tête de dinde 
8. Meurs meurs Jean Pierre Pernault 
9. Toute la haine qui m'incarne 
10. Dépêche toi 
11. Le gilet rouge 
12. Amant maitresse 
13. Love les tartes 
14. On devient fou ici 

Listen free here
Digital download is about £7 from itunes, worth it.

Just as good as ever, just ignore "Marin". No clue what went wrong there.

Presenting: Monster Monster

chiptune_1♥ Pictures, Images and Photoschiptune_1♥ Pictures, Images and Photoschiptune_1♥ Pictures, Images and Photos

I've been following this chap for quite a while now, and enjoying his 8bit ways immesely. After the release of his last ep 'Studio Candy' he seemed to go exceptionally quiet.
However, he has suddenly re-emerged into my life with a new ep 'Batteries Not Included' and is now combining two of my favourite genres: dubstep and 8bit, and in my oppinion, the outcome is most wonderful.
Here, have these tracks to delight your ears:
Spike Jonze Pictures, Images and Photos
Got linked to Spike Jonze' first short film since last years "We were once a fairytale".
Probably seen it already, if you haven't then you really should. It's half an hour you won't want back.
Go into it expecting and knowing nothing and you'll appreciate it more.

Watch it

Watch it with your partner/partner-to-be for guaranteed WUV-points.

Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso, making up two thirds of Swedish House Mafia, have done so much together in recent years it took a while to burn a decent disc.

Came across this gem from 2008 (Under the name "Buy Now!")

Body Crash (Original Mix) [320]
[Link removed due to DCMA complaint.]

I prefer this to the recent official shm releases, like "one";

[There was a video here, which we then received ANOTHER complaint about]
[You didn't miss much]
 Normally accompanied by someone ensuring me it's the


Only just got wind of the fact that Karen "FeverRay/TheKnife" Dreijer features in a new Eminem track.
Fair dos.
See what you think:

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New boys noize remix of the new N*E*R*D track, posted as quickly as possible to get it in your ears quicksmart.

It just throbs, makes me happy.

If you haven't heard of them already, you probably should have.
Three Trapped Tigers.
The BBC are in love with them as of late ( which doesn't say a lot for them i know), but I managed to find this treat whilst they were making their first ep, and i'm pleased to say its only got better.

Help yourself to their Ep's, each title more cunning than the next: (Ep1, Ep2, Ep3) and the track titles are intentional.

Anyone know anyone selling a DJM800?
Yes? No?
Upgrade ahoy.

dj sebastian Pictures, Images and Photos       question mark Pictures, Images and Photos

Just got sent this little treat from Aerotronic:

Which sounds a lot like this on acid:

Motor [SebastiAn] [320]

There's quite a few remixes filtering out, difficult to go wrong with such a strong original,
unless you go chillwave of course.

Nite jewel remix of HEALTH.
Nite jewel Pictures, Images and Photos

One of the highlights of DISCO2, just in case you missed it when it was up.

Not sure how I feel about band remixes (The xx, M83, Ladytron etc)
A lot of them end up sounding half finished.

what with all the "teasers" Mr Oizo has been giving us of his new little project "Rubber", he promised there wouldn't be a soundtrack to this.
low and behold Oizo and Gaspard then teamed up to produce this sound:
you have to love it.

My dislike for dubstep isn't exactly understated, but I may have found a track that doesn't make me want to vomit.
Doesn't have any of that awful Fruitloops bass wobbling.
I never thought i'd post a minimal dubstep track on here, two of my hates.

Here, have some cheese:
Also, have some unintelligent filth:
Wash down with new new jackbeats from their new soon-to-be-leaked ep:


For those of you that DO enjoy dubstep, i'd like to introduce you something that I stumbled across a couple of months ago: The Massive Collective.

They're from Switzerland and claim to sound like Tek-One. I'm not so sure of this but its very enjoyable nonetheless.
Enjoy their free ep they're giving away on their myspace:

you might aswell enjoy the free mixtape too:

erol alkan Pictures, Images and Photos
Erol alkan and Boys Noize double A-side was good, nothing overly magnificent, but both tracks had hints of genius in them that made them stand out.
Avalanche was good but lacked oomph.
Lemonade was good but just...I don't know.
Erol vs Ridha vs Religion?
Yes please.

All you need is a distorted synth hook and you've got me.

Had a conversation with a nice french gentleman at stealth the other night about Tepr and french house in general.
"gens sont passé ce merde maintenant... c'est malheureuse"
"OH VRAIMENT(!)?" [Add a drunken slur to both and you're there]

Pretentious shit aside, here's some tepr to let you make up your own mind.
His rather famous Yelle remix is here in 320 (the one that brought tecktonik dance to french dancefloors and streets for a short while in 2007)
Cue embarrassing youtube attempts;


I prefer yuksek, but maybe that's just me.

    Body Talk Pt. 1 Pictures, Images and Photos
Robyn's new single "None of Dem" with Royksopp is alright, what's more exciting is the remix competition they're running alongside it.
You win by people "Spinning" or listening and favouriting your uploaded track.
Get your midi controllers and DAWs ready and download the parts here for about £3.

The winner gets their mix released on Konichiwa Records, a Native Instruments Maschine Controller for their future projects and a $200 Beatport voucher.

Download here until July 5th
Upload here until July 5th
Get your chums to vote for it 

File limit is 10mb, so no wide ambient soundscapes.
Oh and no unauthorised samples.

We've got our new man oj posting his first tracks soon.
Dubstep was banned before now because of my complete and utter disdain for it.
Him I trust though, hence ban lifted.

Three tracks to make your feet move.


New mix from the magnificent Kids at the bar, this time throwing their mixers at Les Savy Fav;

New mix from aussieman Moonchild, messing up 2009s blogosphere demigods Phoenix.
You can get his latest mixtape from Soundcloud here ;

Finally, a guilty pleasure that's taken me a while to find in high quality;

Don't judge me.

a nice song, the boy in the video reminding me of this blog's founder.
Brooklyn? Koln, Germany? One and the same.
At least to the magnificent lo-fi R&B producer How To Dress Well (AKA: Tom Krell).
Constantly churning out free EPs, you can find them on his blog or just have a quick listen on his myspace.


Haunting Stuff.

Probably heard the above from The hundred in the hands, but I only just heard their song Ghosts. Nice.

When I set my alarm for 7.30 this morning plotting a day of revision I hadn't taken my arrival home an hour before into consideration. In my sleep deprived state I thought this would be a good idea.

boys noize - oi oi oi Pictures, Images and PhotosBoys Noize Pictures, Images and Photosboys noize Pictures, Images and Photos
These are tracks from boys noize set I remember, as stuff filters out i'll update.
VERY happy he played lyposuct, which is still one of my favourite tracks long after release. The number of times I've heard it/played it is probably unhealthy.

Ignore the first 30 seconds, go from the buildup onwards;

D.I.M & Tai - Lyposuct (Original Mix)
Boys Noize - Kontact Me (Rynecologist Turbine Mix)
Boys Noize - Jeffer (May have been the para one mix, have that aswell)
Boys Noize - Lava Lava
Boys Noize - Transmission
Boys Noize - Starter
Boys Noize - Heart Attack (Big dramatic bit in middle)
Boys Noize - Drummer
Boys Noize - Nott

All in a zip file here

All the loveliness in between these tracks i've yet to find.
Around half are in high quality, the rest you'll have to buy after sampling (should you feel the need).
You can do this here;
+ Boys Noize on Boys Noize

Great night, no fuss, alot of muss.


Fresh is all I can say, get it here;

This friday I happen to be going to see the DJ who first got me wanting a pair of decks.
Taken two years to get the chance to see him, but needless to say i'm very excited.
Boys Noize at Stealth this friday, along with all of the above.
Tickets are here , quickly they're going pretty sharpish.

Preview from this years HARD fest.
[Track is the infamous "Kontakt Me (Rynecologist Turbine Mix)" Which we'll have in high quality very soon.]
Enjoy, and i'll see you there.
Stole my heart a little bit, this video, despite somewhat resembling a Levis advert. Another stonewashed out american pop band- I can hear passion pit in their jeans.

New mixtape from a boy called Renger- we aren't talking megaclub mad mixxx skillz, but certainly a good playlist for surfin' the net to. I do believe he is making them weekly.
1. Feel Like ft NTYS - Breakdown
2. Flash That Skin (Sureshot Remix) - Oh Shit!, Ninetynine
3. Kontact Me (Rynecologist Turbine Mix) - Boys Noize
4. Gbay - Huoratron
5. We Never Close Our Eyes (LAZRtag Remix) - Scanners
6. That's The Shit - Mightyfools
7. N.A.S.A. Music (LA Riots Remix) - N.A.S.A.
8. Pompeii (Jokers of the Scene Remix) - Les Gillettes
9. I Will Crash - DJ Antention

What do you think?
First 20 posts have been edited to suit the new layout, any problems with the older
ones let me know (I'll get round to doing all of 2010 soon).

Anyway. Tracks.
Huoratron @ Playgrounds 2008 Pictures, Images and Photos

Follow up to that horrid yet sexy Huoratron video we had up a short while ago,
The full mix in 320, aren't we lovely.

And a Nadastrom remix of WTF featuring Kid Sister, who I like.

The first thing we see of Daft Punk in so very long and it's an Adidas advert.
At least we know they are alive, though it could be anyone under those helmets.

Birthday Cat Pictures, Images and Photos
I was hoping to have something big lined up for our
(Kindof)200th post(Written at least, not published)
Yet all I have is this sexy old track from valerna.
A bastard to find, even in average quality.
I'd kill for it on vinyl if anyone can sneak me it.

We'll be having fun for our real 200th post,
Which happens to coincide with our first birthday.


Herve and Fatboy Slim?
Well that's interesting.
Herve Pictures, Images and Photos

Give it time, then woosh.

Upon creating this little slice of net faggotry close to a year ago as a replacement to one shut down
(an anniversary we'll be celebrating, details coming early july) I never thought i'd post anything
vaguely related to christina aguilera.
Christina Aguilera Pictures, Images and Photos
m.i.a._live Pictures, Images and Photos

Alas her collaboration with M.I.A has changed things.

Elastic Love (Feat M.I.A) ["Featuring" doesn't really cover it, listen]

Everyone's favourite jerkpop fallsetto niceguys Everything Everything have a great new video:

I do hope this will be swiftly followed by an album

mr t Pictures, Images and Photos
Follow up post to Al-Ps A Team mix;
Not spinnable but good enough for your ears.

Last night out to nottingham before exams swallow my life,
talking to chaps about getting monthly guest mixes, sound good?
Come and say hey to tell me.

New from yeezy;

Power [not high qual, less chance of pirate-police]
Artwork done by George Condo.
Good Stuff, autotune plug in must have broken.

Just pretend his voice isn't there and all will be well;

Anyone trying to use Reason or any other DAW without a midi-controller 
(what can I say, i'm cheap) may want to take a look at this;
Midikeys (mac only, i'm afraid)
Works surprisingly well for freeware.
NOW due to foreseen circumstances involving examinations, posting will 
be sporadic (more so than usual), so I thought i'd just post vaguely recent 
tracks to appeal to most of you.
New one from simian mobile disco;
New mix from LA Riots;
New Alex Metric Edit;
Not heard of baby diego before, but will have more when i've the time;
Yet more crystal castles, "what was the one they played on Jools Holland?" This one;
enjoy, and wish me luck
Barbra Streisand Pictures, Images and Photos
A band my eye has been following for quite a while, this is their first video to be televised. GOOD FOR THEM, EH?