tay zonday Pictures, Images and Photos
It can't be me who thinks he looks like micahel jackson.
Post nosejob,
Tay Zonday - Chocolate Rain
Tay Zonday - Chocolate Rain (8-Bit Remix)
Enjoy it.
It'll be stuck in your head all day.
And you deserve it.
You bad people.
over a week without a post...
The guilt.
Keenhouse Pictures, Images and Photos
Lookout for keenhouse's new album "Civic transit" coming soon
Keenhouse - Treehouse
Keenhouse - Civic Transit (Anoraak LAX Remix)
Keenhouse - Civic Transit (Fabian Remix)
College - I Think About It (Keenhouse Remix)
Fare Soldi - Survivor (Keenhouse Remix)
Loose Shus - Taurus (Keenhouse Remix)

Just some tracks;
Virgin Cavalier - Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Anamanaguchi - Jetpack Blues, Sunset Hues
99 Letters - What did you say? You tell me its not raining!
DJ Morgoth - Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up [Nirvana vs. Rick Astley]
Electrixx - Tetris (Original Mix)

Bonde Do Role Pictures, Images and Photos
Little treat from Bonde Do Role;
Bonde Do Role – Sarita
Whether this justifies the lack of any album for over two years is up to you.

I think you should watch out for Jeanne Calment;

Aha it reminds me of me...
but with better equipment,
and a better sound.
80kidz decided to go japanese, lovely.
80KIDZ Pictures, Images and Photos
PUFFY - ウエディング・ベル (Wedding Bell) (80kidz Remix) <<:)
Aira Mitsuki - BARBiE BARBiE (80kidz Remix) <<:)
Noelle - Dancer On The Horizon (80kidz Remix)
Orange Range - Oshare Banchou (Fashion Master) (80kidz Remix)

and here;
Calvin Harris Pictures, Images and Photos
I honestly think he gets some kind of perverse kick out of being utterly insufferable.
if you must
90s eurotrance to entertain the masses.
Sort of if scooter did a shit on basshunters face.
It'll sell lots, and it'll probably have more than the one hit single.
Is it good? No.
Is it anything tangible? No
Is it released tomorrow (Monday)? Yes

Here's something decent to take with it
Old but very nice
Akala - Freedom Lasso Pictures, Images and Photos
Great stuff
EAGERLY awaiting some new material Mr Akala.


Full report soon.
Here's some delightful new shoes.
As always prices quoted are fromt our delightful chums at OKI-NI.


Next payday, you know where I expect you to be spending.
Full fall/winter image report including list of avoidance coming very very soon.
Off to work.
The Young Punx Pictures, Images and Photos
Young punx made it BEEG in japan and have used said success to fuel a new album.

Exclusive new track from upcoming album "Mashpop + Punkstep" courtesy of discodust and the young punx:
the young punx - rock star
the young punx - rock star (shinichi osawa remix)
LCD Soundsystem Pictures, Images and Photos
I like LCD, but the above rings too true hahaha
Rather lovely new LCD remixes:
LCD Soundsystem - Sound Of Silver (TimFuchs Rework)
LCD Soundsystem - 45:33 (Padded Cell Remix)

FM ATTACK new track
fm attack - sleepless nights

Chromeo + Prince + Disco beats = Ulysses82, UK
Ulysses82 - Don’t Speak French < drums =" Dead Mellowtron - Untitled
Dead Mellowtron - Shame

VERY nice reedit by funk producer Nitedog, watch out.

Dicey piano riffs should be mandatory,yus?

Nitedog - Chains (Nitedog Anonstop Edit)

Designer Drugs Pictures, Images and Photos

Designer drugs make me rather happy,

especially their remixes:

flo rida featuring nelly furtado - jump (designer drugs remix)
n.a.s.a. - strange enough (designer drugs remix)
thieves like us - your heart feels (designer drugs remix)
acid girls Pictures, Images and Photos
I've a feeling i'm rather late with THE ACID GIRLS.
Pair of delightfully dirty producers
acid girls - the numbers song
acid girls featuring frankmusik - wake up
delorean - deli (acid girls remix)
3oh!3 - don't trust me (acid girls erotic braille dub)
florence and the machine Pictures, Images and Photos
ANOTHER, florence remix, more electro house than boy 8-bits earlier mixes. BEEG drums.
florence and the machine - drumming song (boy 8-bit remix)

Majestic remixes by project bassline
, tasty.
majestic - in the vip (project bassline remix)
majestic - in the vip (project bassline dub)