Anyone who's heard sebastiAn's "Dog" will know of the masses of potential in metal mixing, the number of people tapping into it (and doing it well) is surprisingly small (SebastiAn didn't return to it after ed rec III).

Then I was sent the remix of slayer, from last years "Ugly Edits vol. 2", the other week by brazilian duo SEXISTALK.
Within a minute my initial skepticism was overtaken by an unrelenting desire to stomp my feet, which in such a thinly floored house wasn't advisable.
You may have seen them mentioned on the blogosphere for their love lockdown remix, or the incessant playing of their first big track "Fuckable" (debut EP "Kiss My Golden Stuff").
unlike us lazy folks, they've ditched CDJs and the like for an army of MIDI controllers and synths to assault some of the biggest clubs in Sau Paulo.

because we're rather lovely, we've a platter;

Fuckable [320]

P.S: I got the Mr Flash ep, it's everything promised, particularly "Flesh".

Derby is pretty much a shithole, at least when it comes to living, working, clubbing, breathing etc. (8 months have taught me this)
However YNOT festival seeks to change this briefly.
Highlights include slow club, tubelord, Goldheart assembly, los camp and fenech soler, spread across the weekend July 30th - August 1st.
£55 for a weekend camping ticket (tad steep, but good atmosphere, it was also nominated for "best toilets" at last years festival awards)

missill Pictures, Images and Photos
Trawling through my external for an impromptu ipod restore, I found these Missill gems



More of a short film than a video.

A follow up post to the news on crystal castles
Album track "Vietnam";

Vietnam (270kbp)

I'm surprised by just how much I enjoy it.

I really like this Borgore Remix of Sleepyhead. More headbangable.

devendra has a reputation for being strange,
I've missed him

I don't get it either.


New radio edit of Hey Today!'s new single "Talk to me", being bigged up by both Busy P and Tiga.
You can get the full EP, including the B-side and Busy P remix, on beatport here, or you can pick up the ltd vinyl released as of Sunday.

In Busy P's words:

"What the hell can you do with such a monster tune? Make something harder? Impossible. Make something better? Not possible. Make something faster? The opposite of possible. Make something stronger? The train has pulled out of Possibility Town. I wanted something deeper, more mental, bringing two worlds together, Detroit and Rotterdam."

Without further ado:
Hey Today! - Talk to me (radio edit)

Go buy it on beatport, it's a beauty.
(Goes perfectly with "Black Block" by modeselektor, yum)

I am quite sure that the entire blog community will be crawling all over this like flies to lovely delicious shit, but I felt it would be rude not to post.
Click the image below for the new Foals album- TOTAL LIFE FOREVER

A project that has apparently been in the works for quite some time- even before the relative pop success of Merriweather Post Pavillion, Animal Collective announce the release of "ODDSAC". A visual album coming in at just under one hour in length, and the whole spectrum of imaginative strangeness in breadth. Accompanied by a score from the band which attempts to bridge the gap between pop songwriting and descriptive audio,this could be very up its own arse or a very fun watch indeed.


Male bonding "Nothing Hurts" on may 11th, makes me excited.
polishing off their US tour then coming our way, check their myspace for tourdates etc.
"ruff demos" - take me

treat: live at SXSW
hypem are apparently going to get into a spot of bother over hosting this (taken from zane lowe):
I can't help but like crystal castles, despite the numerous others doing what they do better.
Nostalgia it is.
New Album this year, selftitled again. (rnt they c00l)


Fainting Spells
Doe Deer
Year Of Silence
Violent Dreams
Pap Smear
Not In Love
I Am Made Of Chalk

release June 7th (subject to change) [did change because of leaks]

We had it up live a few weeks ago, and here's the rip from Radio 1's first play
"ADD SUV" Feat Pharrell Williams

New Bloody beetroots live video;

The Toxic Avenger - Escape (Bloody Beetroots Deathcrew77 Remix) (Live @ Stereo Bielefeld) from Metabeat on Vimeo.

...okay then.

Usual BB Setup:
KP3 (Korg Kaoss Pad) < Sampler/FX
Korg MiniKP < FX
Korg Kaossilator < Synth/FX box
Roland SP404SX < Sampler
CDJ 1000 MK3 (X2) [Pioneer]
DJM 800 [Pioneer]
VMX100 [Behringer]

[Should they use a prod-mac it's normally hooked up to Cubase]
This is for sets of course, for their new instrument based shows i've no care or interest.

LCD Soundsystem Pictures, Images and Photos
LCD soundsystem's new album, "This Is Happening", is streaming on his/their (hint please?) site, HERE.
and here's the tracklisting.

‘dance yrself clean’
‘drunk girls’
‘one touch’
‘all i want’
‘change ‘
‘pow pow’
‘somebody’s calling me’
‘what you need’

Supposedly his/their last album, it's rather good, even if it is slightly overshadowed by the interviews he's done recently wishing the music industry to "crash and burn".
Shut up and make music.
(i hearts hypocrisy)

Previously PonyPony, now Jamaica. Lovely song, great video by EdBanger don So Me.
Candy for the eyes, the ears. Not the mouth doe.

JAMAICA - I Think I Like U 2 VIDEO from bermudapants on Vimeo.

SM x
I'm not usually a fan of penguin prison, mostly because of the singers voice, which reminds of a somewhatindie daniel bedingfield.

Penguin Prison - Something I'm Not - Official Music Video from penguin prison on Vimeo.

this Excited me

How did I fail to realise Kelis had a new song until hearing on the radio at work.
And what a song!

It's all very "Throw a sampler at it, yeah that'll work" but it turned out rather well.
(Album "Flesh-tone" released in the UK on May 17th, around 3 months before the US)

Speaking of samplers.


The second is a classic, been used by the greatest producers for close to two decades (The fact it hasn't even needed an update to maintain its popularity is testament to it)
The first is the special edition of the Roland 404 (the SX), more modern, recently scoped on tour with the Bloody Beetroots.

Bloody Beetroots Pictures, Images and Photos
New track from the as-yet-untitled bloody beetroots EP (follow up the their christmas remnants cut and "domino") [Promo version so only 128kbp]

outkast Pictures, Images and Photos
+ a perky mashup of Daft punk and Outkast, shouldn't work but does;
New from the chemical brothers, (Off new album "further")

1. snow
2. escape velocity
3. another world
4. dissolve
5. horse power
6. swoon
7. k+d+b
8. wonders of the deep

Release June this year, each track with a corresponding video designed to match the sounds.

I apologise for my lack of posts over recent weeks,
In a Saw style scenario I was attached by the elbow to a stereo playing a Kate Nash album in full. Luckily, I got it on ice and surgeons were able to reattached the severed arm, they even did a pretty good job of sealing the toothmarks on my shoulderblade.
Things I like at the moment:

Acres, Acres- Diamonds from coal.

Other news which I am very excited about is the announcement that Blur will be releasing a new single next week- a belated follow-on from 2003's accurately named "Good Song".
With a Gorrillaz album only just released, surely Damon Albarn is the hardest working man in music- lets just hope he isnt spread too thin to create yet another anthem.

SM x
boys noize Pictures, Images and Photos

Main Stage:
ARMIN VAN BUUREN // Special Guests TBA
Bedrock Arena:
John Digweed // Josh Wink // Mutant Clan feat. Timo Maas & Santos //Christian Smith // Guy J // Special Guest TBA // Joris Voorn (Live)
The Gallery Arena:
Paul Oakenfold // Judge Jules // Gareth Emery // Giuseppe Ottaviani (Live) //Jerome // Isma-Ae // Special Guests TBA
Toolroom Arena:
Mark Knight // Dirty South // Funkagenda // Dave Spoon /Special Guest TBA// Joachim Garraud

Main Stage:
FATBOY SLIM // Special Guests TBA

Carl Cox + Friends Arena:
Carl Cox // Vitalic versus V Mirror (Live) // Dubfire // Special Guests TBA
Together Arena:
Skream & Benga // Andy C // Caspa & Rod Azlan // Jack Beats // Mary Anne Hobbs // Mixhell // Sbtrkt // Special Guest TBA // Ms Dynamite
tickets here.
More acts TBA


Really revved up for Mr. Flash's new EP 'Blood Sweat and Tears'
Everyone knowman and guru who's heard it has raved on and on, and the preview tracks sound dericious.
Promo video via dailymotion (old, but gets the point across)

MR FLASH "Blood Sweat & Tears"
Uploaded by edbangerrecords. - See the latest featured music videos.

Aaand the hot-of-da-pressz tracklisting;

Domino (Part A)
Domino (Part B)
Motorcycle Boy


Somehow "wankers" just doesn't cut it, nay?
Clobbered over clobber.

New mixtape from funkman rubix;
Rubix Cube 3 Pictures, Images and Photos

Pino D’AngiĆ² – Ma Quale Idea
Kavinksy – Nightcall (Breakbot Remix)
Qdup foundation – renegades revenge
Crydajam – Playground
Gramophonedzie – Streetlady
Louis La Roche – Get On Down
6th Borough Project – Planets 

(The Revenge Lost Groove Roboot//Dorian Paic Re-Edit)
Locksmith – unlock the funk
Duck Sauce – The Motion
Rubix – Baiser Sur La Disco (Rubix Refix)
Don Diablo – Who’s Your Daddy (Rubix Remix)
Arabesque – In the Heat Of A Disco Night 

(Rubix//Fakeblood edit)
C-code – Burning up in here (Rubix Remix)
Yolanda be cool & Dcup – We No Speak Americano 

(Rubix Beat Fix)
Riva Starr – Dance Me
Homework – Fissa Tune
Lorkan Mak – Gypsy Bum (Rubix Refix)
Bart B More – Romane (Rubix Gypsy Remix)
Crookers – Gypsy P
L-Vis 1990 – United Groove (MJ Cole Remix)
Congorock – Babylon
All Leather – I Don’t Hate Fags, God Does 

(His Majesty Andre Remix)
Gary’s Gang – Do It At The Disco 

(Rubix from Disco To Dubstep edit)
Datsik- Havoc
Deadmau5 & Kaskade – I Remember (Caspa Remix)
O.J. Symstem – I’ve Been Near You (Rubix Beat Fix)
La Roux – In For The Kill (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Mix)
ed: The link worked at first then decided to be "temporarily unavailable", should it not return i'll post it.

I said I'd have these up about two weeks ago for a chum (I am tardy)
late of the pier Pictures, Images and Photos
Vertigo records demos;
Space & The Woods
Heartbeat, Flicker, Line
VW < Low, but go buy it, stop shouting.
Broken (Pumped mix)
Broken (Fairy lights mix)

My understanding is they're late of the pier demos and mixes, although i'm no sort of authority on such things