another little lady doing her rounds on blogs and probably on your dorm/common room radio soon;

i'm still bored,

uffie premiers upcoming single (feat. Pharell Williams) ADD SUV

Album release now re-confirmed as May 31st.

Vitalic mixed this live which reminded me just how great it is;
Galvanize Pictures, Images and Photos

Chemical Brothers - Galvanize
(M4a, direct CD rip, pretty high bitrate)

Play around with it a bit, it's a lot of fun to mixup.

oh, and
This is the new pioneer mixer:

official pioneer press release
- Multi-touch LCD
- 4 MIDI modes, coupled with 7 sidechain remix effects
- (as always) DJM Beat-synched effects
- 6 effect sub-divisions, all beat-synched, all adaptable to HF or LF
- Connect 4 X CDJ-900// CDJ-2000 for sync, information sharing, live sampling, Rekordbox sync/pre-listen
- Advanced noise reduction with 107db dynamic range
- As usual, 3-band EQs (Still no killswitches!)
- Variable Crossfader + Fader curve adjust
- Digital INs/OUTs (X4) [+ 4 standard RCA]
First reviews have been very good, and another demo on 24th March
Expected RRP: £1800

Sebastien Tellier Pictures, Images and Photos
Sebastien Tellier is being a busy bee working on producing his new album.
Anyone who thought seeing "Sexuality" in American Apparel granted him all the integrity of Alvin and the chipmunks: The Squeaquel, HOLD UP.

Let your faith be restored;
L'amour et La Violence (BYN Remix) (320)

Being the shameless self-promoter I appear to have become there may well be a youtube mix to accompany the new mixtapes.
(For those unable to turn their necks they're the Spring 2010 and Wafro tapes)

I got asked what wafro will be.
Essentially just a mix of anything funky, alot of french filter etc
Expect vinyl samples galore.
Louis La Roche live Pictures, Images and Photos
This kind of stuff (Not french filter, but you get the idea);
Louis La Roche - Malfunction (Original Mix) (320)


Anyone who was hunting for pre-release snippets of Last years Boys Noize release will have undoubtedly come across MMMathias. He essentially released the album ahead of time, albeit all edited and mixed (very very well I might add)
I was going to bum up to him and upload, but then I visited his myspace and low and behold he's giving most of his mixes away, in high quality, completely free.

MMMathias MMMyspace

We have band are rolling through nottingham to promote new album WHB (release April 5th)

You'll have heard of them from kitsune releases and the bloc party remix they did.
Their first full pelt single release is tomorrow with "divisive"

aren't they kooks?

You can buy tickets for their shindig at the social here (support from the delectable No Lovers)

tracks in celebration;

Time After Time
Honey Trap (Def Starr Remix)
Honey Trap (Le Matos Remix)
Lips [Micachu] (We Have Band Remix)


in response to SM's elderly post;

new mixes from is tropical

(^both setworthy,despite one being less than 320, not much loss)

P.S if you didn't go vitalic last night
("Er, gatecrasher", er fuck you) you seriously missed out, worth every milligram of hype.

well isn't this a treat;

and relax.

Who remembers this?


Adam Freeland @ Vanguard Pictures, Images and Photos

The original album from 2003;
"Now & Them"

Coincidentally (of course)
Adam Freeland will be at stealth on the 20th March.
Tickets (£5)

P.s. I got that Alex Gopher mix cd today, it's very good, only 5% filler.

Uffie's (Now late) Debut now has an album cover and track listing;

A banshees cover? very brave.
Not sure how I feel about missing out on newly produced "Hot Chick", "Dismissed", or "Ready to Uff".
Probably for the best.
(In celebration there'll be limited picture disc reprints of some old singles)

Alex gopher has made some rather extraordinary mixes over the last few years (I only heard him around a year ago)
Take a track, tear it apart, sample it bit by tiny bit and come out with something fresh.
behold! promo for his new lp "My new remixes", does what it says on the tin (Except it's a partial compilation, some tracks have been spinning with no official release for close to two years)
Just listen!
March 16th -  digital (Beatport
March 15th -  very very ltd picture disc

Stealth Sixth Birthday
22:00 Fri 23rd Apr


A wondrous night for all guaranteed!
Click the link below to get your tickets!
Stealth Sixth Birthday Tickets



MGMT are soon to release new album "Congratulations"
A new track has been added to their website HERE
Not entirely sure how I feel about it yet- some interesting ideas, but I do hope this is just an attention grabber for the new record before they drop a proper Big Summer Tune.

New Erol Alkan // Boys Noize Double A-side coming soon soon soon.
Death suite and waves were dashing, even that Gonzales version.

As Soon as I can, it'll be here.

kavinsky and lovefoxxx (with daft punk production) makes for a lovely track indeed.

And the breakbot remix:

order the picture disc here

tiga released the video for "what you need" very very late.
Doesn't stop the song being really rather good.
(Get the beautiful proxy remix here) (Not sure who 
uploaded this as I couldn't be arsed to trawl my external)

Tiga 'What You Need' from Cassiano Prado on Vimeo.

Meet DJ Ruth
Alt power level 69:

she can get down with me anytime
Full story

Not to be confused with;

That's where I wanna be.

Details for Creamfields 2010
Creamfields Pictures, Images and Photos

lineup announced very soon, 2manydjs/soulwax last year.
Run past the mainstage and dubstep to the mixmag terrace and new dj tents.
for me?

Weekend with Camping £100.00
Weekend No Camping £100.00
Saturday Day Tickets £57.50
Sunday Day Tickets £53.50


and here's a lovely blog i've been molesting for months;
They tend to focus more on hip-hop but run a "suicide sundaes" feature you should pay attention to.


Quentin 909 is a french producer who likes to take old 
funk samples and blend them into little electronic 

He's done a collaboration EP recently that the decks 
have seen a little too much of .
If I can find it on my external it'll be here soon.

IS TROPICAL: formally of skuzzy sound-holes Ratty Rat-Rat. Now of funtimes syncopated sweet-beats.

The video is a good video.