New Gorillaz Album Plastic Beach is out 8th march;
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minimix medley

Sounds really nice,
reviews so far;

  • BBC - "...not just one of the best records of 2010, but a release to stand alongside the greatest Albarn’s ever been involved with and a new benchmark for collaborative music as a whole."
  • Q - 5 stars out of 5 - "Some of the most forward-thinking pop you'll hear this or any year."
  • Uncut - 4 stars out of 5 - "A brilliant concept album, full of perfect pop singles."
  • Mojo - 3 stars out of 5 - "Albarn and co's eco-parable is loud but not clear."
  • Clash - 7 stars out of 10 - "Of course, there’s alot here to take in and maybe it just needs a fair few listens to fully digest it - the sign of any album worth its salt."

DOWNLOAD LINK > Plastic Beach (This will go quick, take take take)


I am not sure to what extent our demographics meet, but one or two of you may have attended the Halloween rinse that was Rave In The Grave- a literally underground, questionably legal night which allowed me to feel as if I was at one of the warehouse projects that passed me by when I was four. Previous to this was a beautiful event in a set of caves. To make it a hat trick, they are planning another for the 6th of March, at an as yet (so as to avoid da Powl-ice) secret location. It is free, and will be in the Nottingham Area. Last time about 2300 attended- we can make it more. Keep an eye on THIS HERE page, as soon a number will emerge to be rang on the night. Expect hard drum and bass mainly, with some skittering electronics cavorting on top.
Keep awn ravin' dudez.

More Sexy sushi yeah?
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Tu l'as bien mérité
At least thrice as good as marre marre marre.
Try Bling Bling Bling, Plancher de Danse, and Y a Trop De Naz en Discotheque.

Last week frenchy production maestro sawgood released his Sawsage EP

take it all (in lovely 320);
Rock It

For anyone who didn't get the vitalic album when we had it up, here's what you missed;

Vitalic live, gatecrasher nottingham.
Saturday 20th March.
Tickets here (18+)
ALBUM REUP, courtesy of discotune

At some point, we are all going to die. In the mean time, however, we are probably going to have a summer. During this summer I plan to strut around in some long grass to this

A lot of people might say that one vampire weekend was enough, I say bring on the clones.


vintage C&S 2008;
Count & Sinden - Hardcore Girls (Feat. Rye Rye)

Rye rye should have an album out soon, she said it's 100% done, but blaqstarr is tidying over production.
That dastardly M.I.A is distracting her, although N.E.E.T is meant to have big things this year.

The new Felix Cartal mix (...of Felix Cartal) (320)

Felix Cartal - Volcano (Felix Cartal edit + mix) (wow)

This beauty is available for free if you look;
0:55 and i'm in love
Gadi is a new york artist who makes and collects little pieces of joy from industrial parts and lightbulbs.
I'm not going to pretend I know anything about new york, but the fact he still exists is a wonder in itself.
This is a recentish interview, a friend will really really appreciate it.

Gadi Gilan Presented by ACL x Cole, Rood & Haan Co. from Michael Williams on Vimeo.

Some really haunting work, naturally the only way to get any of it is to visit.
ignore the twee name and have a looksee here

this lot are being rythmically bummed by blogs all over

Mr sheen style production can't polish shit.


This is a nice song.
Enjoy it.
The posted "Possible new daft punk track" is not a daft punk track at all!
This guy made it.
fourth fake ed banger affiliated track in a month.
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yet another lovely slice of french filter house for you;

Searching - webqueary (One of the guys from slow network)
There's also a tasty mim remix circulating.
So many funk samples at the moment, i'm not complaining.


Lo-Fi-Fnk Marchin In from Mattias Erik Johansson on Vimeo.

Acoustic hot chip on a summers day me thinks... kind of.
no idea on release dates, just look.