Preview of Tai's upcoming Beatdown EP.
Very excited, although it's being released on Dim Mak so who knows how long it'll be.

Watch this space.

New video from Jaill to celebrate the release of their new track on Sub Pop (Dum dum Girls, Male Bonding, Pissed Jeans etc).

Free tracks and other things here.

New video for Short & Entertaining from Jamaica.

Lots of remixes everywhere.


[Tai, of Lyposuct fame with D.I.M]

Laidback Luke playing it out (3:40 onwards)

Show some love here


Always good when someone sends you a track you've been looking for for months, particularly when they send it and it's in 320.

Pat Morita? Pictures, Images and Photos

This Boris Dlugosch track has been played out by everyone who's everyone (including Boys Noize, Afrojack, Soulwax/2manydjs etc etc) for an age, normally followed by large numbers of posts on live youtube videos "WATS DA FIRD TRACK BRO?".

Bangkok (Original mix)
Link removed, DMCA.


Maybe not to everyone's tastes, certainly to mine.
Bullet time explosions? Yes, ta.

I truely believe this is a thing of beauty.
Theres not a lot to say about this, but that its oh so good.

and if you like that.
have it here:


Les Petits Pilous' first live set at Les Ardentes festival Belgium.
European tour is mandatory.

kid sister Pictures, Images and Photos

What happens when you get Carte Blanche (Djs Mehdi and Riton, more recently of CLUB 75 fame) and sort-of-electro-affiliated rapper Kid Sister working together on a track.

Late-80s/Early-90s pop-dance cheese?

Right you are.

Blogosphere's gone locoroco for Cut Copy's new track (Promo for their early-2011 release).
Rather than be little scroungers and just give it to you (not for fear of yet another DCMA complaint), here's their mailing list link, will get you a nice 320 copy of the track "Where I'm Going".








New video from prince of the hip hop sample, Curren$y;
             Curren$y - Roasted (ft. Trademark & Young Roddy) from Creative Control on Vimeo.


Heads up to Stoney Roads for the tracklist;

Etienne de crecy – hope (studio version)
tom staar – two tone simms
calvertron & tim healey – back 2 the ghetto
sebastien drums, avicii – my feelings for you (angger dimas bambu remix)
kaskade – dynasty (dada life remix)
sovnger – breathless (alex gopher day remix)
squeeze – doop (uppermost remix)
kylie minogue – all the lovers (dada life remix)
mr blink – gecko (original mix)
boy 8-bit – the keep
tiesto feat. diplo – c’mon (original mix)
dimitri vegas, like mike & dada life – tomorrow
technotronic vs dimitri vegas & like mike – pump up the jam (crowd is jumpin mix)"

Very very good, and not too heavy on your bandwidth.


As promised, more Jungle Fiction.
They're not going to get a crowd sweaty, but nice for the pre-going out early evening.
They use Ableton by the way, for the person who asked.

[Steed Lord]

[Acid Washed]



Out Today: So maybe you should consider yourself lucky.
More lovely sounds from A1 Bassline, hes' been ever so good to us as of late, and this little EP is just another step up from its predecessor the Badman Horror Ep.
Whilst Breathless is the single and is all very well and good, and probably going to make quite a nice dance track for the masses, Close to Me has something more appealing to it.
Make your own decisions however, so here :

Whilst my duties on here are mostly editing and posting shitty houseish tidbits,
occasionally tape, mail and myspace trawling comes up with a band, yes a bayund, I actually like.

Greek Army Pictures, Images and Photos

Toronto brothers with a knack for folky-pokey wisptronica.
Chill may be dead in the water (and rightly so) but we can still have fun no?

Back for More

r u inna bayund?

le singe qui jette de la merde Pictures, Images and Photos

Long time no post,

First a request for a golden oldie Afrojack track;


Sexy Sushi Pictures, Images and Photos

Second: A favourite from the latest sexy sushi effort;

Meurs Meurs Jean Pierre Pernault

Third: Jungle Fiction Remix of Bloc Party Frontman's rather awful no-it's-not-a-chromeo-cover
solo single.

Tenderoni (Jungle Fiction Remix) [320]

Expect more Jungle Fiction very soon.


More 8bit delight here, this time in the form of Kid Icaris (purposely spelt wrong apparently), after only just finishing college, and considering his age, he is exceptional.
Similar to Monster Monster in the combination of big dub wobbles mashed into chipping wonders, enjoy these tunes. I appreciate not all of them are dubstep, but the breakbeat stuff is just as good.

Kid Icaris - Chip Dub

Whilst it seems like theres quite a lot to deal with here, trust me, its good stuff.

Simplistic is good.
Afrojack knows this.

AFROJACK Pictures, Images and Photos

Let it build,
Set your Lows to kill (metaphorically, not literally),
Then send some love his way here.

You can have a pre-download listen with the widget to the right.