Unless you've been living under a rock you'll have heard Lana Del Rey's 'Video Games' by now.
Whilst it's tempting to follow HRO, P4K and god knows how many others in discussing how she's uber-mainstreamer or (probably) not an altBro,

To be honest I just like the song.

If you've not heard it:

Anyway, why're we here.
As soon as it started going viral it was just a case of waiting for mixers to try and capitalise on the hype.


LDR Double A-side "Video Games//Blue Jeans" available in 7" and digital from the 16th October.

Woon remix tbc.

Not heard a lot out of Buraka Som Sistema since Fabriclive,
With their third LP Komba set to drop on the 31st October, something arrived in my mailbox.

Bababa (Hangover) (Shaan Saigol Remix) [320]
[Buraka Som Sistema]

First half: Brilliant (Congorockesque)

+ Komba preview track +

Felguk have been busy,
What with their collaborations with Spencer & Hill, DirtyLoud, and... Example.

The intro's not much to shout about, but when it drops the bass is deep enough to swim in.

felguk Pictures, Images and Photos

Jack It (Original Mix) [320]



Dj Mehdi Pictures, Images and Photos

Full story HERE

Condolences to his son, his wife Fafi, the Ed crew and the endless number of DJs who've taken to the net to express their shock at his passing, and their gratitude for his very existence.


It's been so long since i've found anything worthy to contribute,
so, without further ado:

Sirius [320]



Finally a decent edit:

Bust em Up (Na Cyphra) (Fat Boy Slim Re-Edit) [320]

Ignore the annoying vocals and groove:

Take Me Over (Bingo Players Remix) [320]
[Manufactured Superstars feat. Scarlett Quinn]

It's Beataucue, 'nuf said:

H.O.W.L. Feat. Shinichi Osawa [320]

Again, ignore the vocals:

I'm Still Hot (R3hab Remix) [320]

And... we had to do it...

No Beef (Vocal Mix) [320]
[Afrojack//Steve Aoki]

Building hype for ZZT's (AKA: Tiga & Zombie Nation's) new EP "Vulkan Alarm!":

September 5th kids!

A new treat from gLAdiator: