Quite certain this is Old News, but I had not posted in a while. A particularly yiddish cover.
Seabear are from iceland.
They're not bjork, and theyre not in sigur ros.
Nor are they the dreamy scandipop thats creeping across europe.
Seabear Pictures, Images and Photos
I'm me on sundays lp

Body language have been in my ears a bit too much recently
Dacia on the vocoder Pictures, Images and Photos
"Huffy Ten Speed"

Body Language in my space
Get "sandwiches", sensual.

I'm selling one of my synthesizers.
The korg is lovely but not what I need.

Tis' the season of giving yet all I can think about is set-lists and money.

XMAS = £
£ x n = £n
£n = CDJ 1000 MK3 Pictures, Images and PhotosCDJ 1000 MK3 Pictures, Images and Photos

here is the Harlem shakes album, if only all of them were like the ridiculously beautiful mix by k.a.t.b.
"Sick of dressin' like a human, when i'm feelin' like a leopard"
VISIONARIES is what they are.
Harlem Shakes Pictures, Images and Photos
Technicolor Health
^ Rather good.

AND a really really nice little thing that I thought i'd uploaded (but hadn't)
Japandroids Pictures, Images and Photos
visceral is what it is.
Ep's abound over blogland but the lp is fantastic.

Have a good day tomorrow.
I hope you throw up on yourselves and get all manner of useless things to impale yourself with.
luv u.
I blame coco has been around for quite a while but her music varied from inspired to unlistenable.
As with everything in life, it took a swede to sort her out.

I Blame Coco feat. Robyn - Caesar

I BL├ůME COCO | MySpace Music Videos

Expect an album release within 2 months.

This new song/video from private is rather funky. Still doesn't make his voice any better, BUT it's begging for a remix.

This is the new marina release.

All these videos, don't your ears feel neglected?

if so, here's the new johnny foreigner album.
Johnny Foreigner @ Flowerpot Pictures, Images and Photos
"Grace and the bigger picture"

I heard uffie in 2006.
under very embarrassing circumstances
(gay porn related, later)
Her debut is out next year which has lead to outcries of "OMGZZZ SHES SELLING OUT"
of course, most of them are more eloquent than that but you get the idea.
This is a new track from the album.
Let out by the lovely pedro winter (busy P)

it's okay.
Not releaseworthy, B-side?
meh, it's available on february 1st

She's still signed to Ed (unlike Justice)
Her album is being produced by SebastiAn and Busy P/Mehdi.
And we haven't even heard the rest of the album yet.
Stop being a pretentious fuckwit and enjoy it, instead of trying to buildup an alibi
"yeahhhh, I was predicting her selling out months agoooo. Check my blog www.artyhitleryouthfaggot.blogspot.com" < i didnt check this url but if it really exist i will be highly amused

Try enjoying music again.
It's what it's for.

Christmas is the equivalent of that ever-optimistic chirpy friend you have.
The one you love to pieces but want to punch in the face most of the time.

Have a mix to celebrate.
it was mixed by this ugly faggot
he happens to be me.
Muxxic Winter 09
I would redo it to clarify the fuck-ups, but my mixer is playing up + I really can't be arsed.



i'm rather enjoying handsome clothing right now.

dear santa I would like;

this tee
this tee
this tee
this tee
this tee
this tee (despite us all knowing it's certainly not a first run)

oh, and these

and this would be nice too

That last pair should probably take priority.


Make sebastiAn release his fucking album.
I'm tired of rediculously good Eps and ed banger leaks.
I'd actually PAY for it.


in B flat

The above is a a link for InBflat.net.. really amazing idea I stumbled across.
SM x

Passion Pit: OK GO remix

Smell that? Thats a tasty new remix, fresh from the Passion Pit Patisserie. Enjoy.

SM x

The Yeasayer album isn't meant to be out until next year.
What's this?
yeasayer Pictures, Images and Photos
Odd Blood


Ben Butler and Mouse Pad.

Nice noise and cartoon for your ears and eyes respectively.
fun and repetative.

It's fashionable to rag on the nme.
it's also fun and entirely apt.
especially when they begin to gently bum a new buzzband/artist (Who's infact been around on blogs and mmmmspace for dogs years.
Case and point.
Ellie Goulding.
Remember Starry eyed?
Remember that cover of Black and gold from a year a half ago?
Probably not.
They were boring and sounded like rejected B-sides from that X-factor loon Diana Vickers.
So what has she released now?
More boring, B-side soundalike tracks?
Oh but you like them now?
How Flippant.

What's more annoying is that dear old marina & the diamonds (labelmates might I add) is having her already dimming light snatched away.

Same Label.
Same aesthetic (Aren't I kooky indie girl etc)
Both have some stunning remixes compiled.
Different sound.

Ellie Goulding, "Under The Sheets" from Neon Gold Records on Vimeo.

Marina & The Diamonds, "Mowgli's Road" from Neon Gold Records on Vimeo.

One is good, one is not.
Go home and revise.

Best remixes?
Marina - Mowglis road (Russ Chimes)

Ellie Goulding - Under The Sheets (Kids At The Bar Remix)

No clue who uploaded these, I captained them/mediasearched.
Too Many salutations.


Late Of The Pier

Listened recently to a Zane Lowe radio interview with Sam Potter from late of the pier. Lessons learned: Listening to any one member of that band talking is like having luke warm egg yolk slowly trickled into your ear drum (in a weirdly pleasant way) and secondly: They have an album scheduled for release in 2010. We are being warmed up for this with the imminent release of a double A side release of newish tracks Blueberry and Best In The Class.

I think they get the balance right between shimmering nonesense and pop sensibility.

This one is a very early Demo- can't seem to find a more finished article. I'm sure in the time before release they will have woven these raw bleep fibres into a fine electronic tapestry.

ipod death is a terrible thing.
Angry iPod Pictures, Images and Photos
I've a lovehate relationship with apple.
I'd never go back to a PC, but still...
Song Total: 18447 (-around 400)

Beak are coming to nottingham in 5 days
(Rescue Rooms)
Hence here's their LP (aptly entitled Beak)
beak Pictures, Images and Photos
Supposedly the album was written in 12 days
(compare this to Portisheads penchant for lorrrrng recording and you get an idea)
murk murk murky.

I don't know why I didn't put Lykke Li's album on here sooner :/
Probably distracted by the rather wonderful villains remixes and her collaborations.
Full of really lovely songs to send to someone you want to get into the pants of.
I still have no fucking clue how to pronounce her name though.
Lykke Li Pictures, Images and Photos
LEE-KEE-LEE? (< This one sounds right to me, unless i'm in the company of people who disagree)
Youth Novels

and a welcome to new contributor sam.


Boy Crisis

Sam- Building up steam and attention from the NME masses, but still one of the lesser known children of the MGMT-fertilised psychedelic spawning ground that is New York. A straight forward pop tune.

Hullo, I'm Sam.. I have been very kindly asked to contribute to this here blog. And contribute I will..
First up is what came as a pleasant surprise to me,

Not mind blowing or horrific, but certainly an interesting crossover.
12. Bat For Lashes - Glass
Beautiful, especially when it gets going with the tribal drums.
Wolves running across moonlit plains and tall grass.

13. Moderat - Rusty Nails
Great track from the supposed "electronic supergroup" minimal but still good.
Sometimes less is more right?

14. Fever Ray - Keep the streets empty for me
Undoubtedly topping many a hitleryouthcut adorned hipsters "Albums of the year" lists, but it's haunting.
(I'm still waiting for the knifes next album though, boo)

15. Fuck Buttons - Tarot Sport (Whole LP)
Experimental mess, lovely.
(Look in the tabs on the side, it's waiting for you)

16. Animal Collective - My Girls (The whole lp is good good good)
One of the best albums of the year. Naturally some people have rejected it citing it as too pop compared to before.
Naturally these people are cunts.

I'm being told to put something by wild beasts up.
as well as temper trap.
How about no?
songs of 2009
part 2.
7. Royksopp - Vision One
Forboding yet funky, slow club dance with lasers.

8. metric - help i'm alive (+ all the remixes)
melancholic return from hiatus for metric, simply lovely.

9. IAMX - Think of England
Rather obscure, but this represents the new album more than this song.
Didn't think we'd see anything at all never mind a polished and all encompassing LP.

10. Jay-Z - Venus Vs Mars
Misogyny never sounded so sexy or well produced, one of the numerous gems on blueprint 3.

11. Bloody Beetroots VS Steve Aoki - Warp
Simply, huge.
songs of the year (so far)
songs that have made this year bearable.
(in no particular order)
1. Vitalic -Poison Lips
funky, sexy etc

Vitalic - Poison Lips from Seiji Ito on Vimeo.

2. Erol Alkan / Boys Noize - Waves
Erol Alkan / Boys Noize - Death Suite
Both show just how great they are production wise, and their styles blend so perfectly.
Try not to shake your arse at 1 in the morning. (Try the mehdi edit of death suite, perfect)

3. Kid Sister - Get Fresh (Alex Gopher Mix)
Dropped earlier in the year, this is just too too slick (and Grrrrreat for mashing)

4. Crystal Fighters - I love London (And it's billions of offshoot remixes)
The original and the massive variety in the mixes made this a gem

Crystal Fighters "I Love London" ((OFFICIAL VIDEO)) from Crystal Fighters on Vimeo.

5. Birdy Nam Nam - Parachute Ending
Their LP was rather boring, but this and the kap remixes made for headmashing listening


6. Grum - Heartbeats
A massive year for grum, seeing some airplay and commissioned mixes.

Grum - Heartbeats from Brian McBlade on Vimeo.

I'll post more as I think of them.
Because you're all beautiful people (and because I've not been able to stop listening to them today)
here are some of sigur ros' albums
(2010 will also see the release of the lead singers solo effort, a round of applause)
Takk... Pictures, Images and Photos
Sigur R&oacute;s Pictures, Images and Photos
Sigur Ros Pictures, Images and Photos
(That new one with a long name I can neither spell nor pronounce)

relax and enjoy.
Lastfms best of 2009
prepare to be elated, disgusted, saddened and pleased all at once.
New ep, some really nice sounds washing over your ears.
I'll get it up soon.
Soko Vs Goose Vs Das Pop =

lovely? I think so.
But doesn't use soko as it should.