Ask anyone what they think of French music and Carla Bruni, Ed Banger and Yelle are normally thrown down as indicators of a persons WICKEDRAD frenchy knowledge.

The latter has a new single out "La Musique"
Her first release (except for mixes and collaborations) since 2007.
The EP mix link the record company put out has gone down (well done).
But we managed to hoist it out of mediafire hell.

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Good to hear something that isn't remixed by TEPR or "Parle a ma main".

La Musique (Lorenz Rhode Remix) [only 192]
(Early 90s sitcom theme tune)

It's out October 4th on Kitsune, which means you should buy it to brag and boost your labelcred.
[OH and there IS a TEPR remix on the EP, cue french street dancers]

Norwegian virtuosos Royksopp recently had a big studio clear-out of all their unfinished tracks,
 mixes B-sides etc and have started giving them out free on their website as "Track of the month" downloads.

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The latest offering:

Anyone who came out to Zleep 5 at Stealth back in July will surely appreciate this simplistic slice of chopped up house funk from the Polinski headliners Catz n Dogz.

Begging to be remixed and sampled.

Follow up post to ojs 50th release track for BYN.
Little did I know it's a double-A side

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Yeah [only 192]

being the other one.

After Power and his more recent remixes (Excluding that bloody Swoon mix) this seems a bit... lifeless?

Warm-up maybe, but still waiting for another Oi oi oi.


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Been about a week since the release of Tai's Beat Down EP,
but due to territory/rights restrictions we're STILL not allowed it.

Insult to injury, one of the best remixes to filter out isn't even on the cut.

Yes that is an LA Riots remix you're enjoying,
don't worry the guilt subsides eventually.

New dance-like loop project from Toro Y Moi
(That happens to sound just like Phantom's Revenge and Louis La Roche):

Les Sins – Lina
Les Sins – Youth Gone

Trying to escape chillwave?

Wonder if Best Coast is going to start wearing leather jackets and get super rad synth lines going on.


New mix of the Gravitones "Religious" by Dada Life,
When i've got it in 320 it's yours.

Vocal track overload?
Our survey says yes.

To celebrate the release of Tai's Beatdown EP tomorrow
(Very late, but it's Dim Mak so we shouldn't be surprised)
We've his remix of Drop The Lime's Sex Sax (Old drop).

Beatport it here.

Yet more from Band/remix duo Hey Today!
Their own efforts have proven to be just as good as (if not better than) their remixes.
We had their beast of a track "Talk to me" up a while back, which proved to be more than a little popular.

Whilst not as tech as Talk to Me, these gems gladly sit alongside:

Toasted [320]

Walk Through [320]


Der Mond (Hey Today! Remix) [320]

Pogo (Hey Today! Remix) [320]

{Armand Van Helden}
Necessary Evil (Hey Today! Remix) [320]

Help out the German bros by buying their stuff from beatport.

Played out frequently by Oizo, "Frequency" from Altern8 has had many a great hand attempt to mix it.

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Inevitably, I had to post the Soulwax remix, as well as the R!M!E mix Oizo favours.


bye bye oj

Going to miss your wobbliness, choice in jumpers and ambiguous (yet not) sexuality.



SO. Boys Noize has come to his 50th record release, and as a result has decided to celebrate this fact with a brand new track.
Turns out he's going back to roots since the "Optic" days so get ready for an acid-housey feel.

The flipside is apparently going to be "Yeah", but theres no official release until September 20th, hence the poor quality (sorry) of the following:

This is my last post before moving south, so i'm glad it was this.

Also, be prepared for a new mix from yours truely within the next few weeks.

German techno man Zombie Nation (aka Splank!) has been very busy diversifying since the release of THAT 1999 single he's so reputed for.
Whilst I don't pity his need to diversify (thanks to the number of times i've had to hear said single),
I do appreciate his housey ways (Especially when his efforts are remixed by Hey Today!).