You know the DJM800?
That mixer you and others have been using in about 95% of clubs around the world?
Pioneer's got a replacement.
Pioneer's DJM-900 "Nexus"
[click image for HQ]

Looks very similar, but the keen eyed amongst you will see the new gizmos they've added.

More comprehensive MIDI control
+ full plug and play compatability with Traktor (Traktor-certified)

Legato-link and Quantize functions with CDJ-900 and CDJ-2000s
(No word yet as to compatibility with the 850 or 350 models)

2 new colour effects bringing the total to 6
(The two new effects being the Dub Echo and Gate/Compressor)
+ A new X-strip underneath the effects screen

5 new beat-synced effects,
plus effects from both the DJM 700k and 800 to bring the grand total to 18
(Not including the 6 colour effects)
USB slot, assumedly for recording.

Details are still reasonably sketchy.

Of course with this being the 800's replacement you can expect an equally high price.
With the current UK RRP rumoured to be around £1599 (inc VAT) and a release for the end of next month (late-March),
best have saved the student loan.
Or you could remortgage your house.
Your choice.

(Scout eBay for cheap 800s over the next 3-5 months for the larger clubs getting rid of them)

Huge love for Rye Rye, even with M.I.A.
Whilst the latter's debatably gone downhill, Rye Rye's going up and up.
Signed to N.E.E.T, she's a new mixtape "RYEot PoweRR" generating shit-tonnes of blogbuzz.

^[The only reason anyone should allow Miley Cyrus anywhere near their ears.]^









Last years single with M.I.A:

Sunshine [192]
Full quality on Sunshine (feat. MIA) - Sunshine (feat. MIA) - Single

Debut album dropping later this year "Go! Pop! Bang!".

Nothing like chilled out grooves to get you through the monday struggle:

[Directed by Parker Hays]
[He also directed the video for "Coastin" last year]

Float On [320]
[Cities Aviv]

Cities Avivs redux(?) of Modest Mouse's 2004 single Float On,
(By that I mean it samples beats from a cover of Float on by Blackbird Blackbird)
Great vibes, especially considering Lupe Fiasco, Ben Lee and Goldspot have all had a hack at it.


Brand new Dada Life, out today and now in your ears.
Its good...
Its oh so good:

White Noise/Red Meat - Dada Life [320]

Dare I say a favourite?