French impresario Yuksek takes on Oh Land's new single,
Vocodered Synth Funk is the name of the game.

Been in my head for days,
pity me.


You may have noticed we've a liking for a particular french house label.
Mostly because of our collective exposure to said label in our years of awakening 
(when our penises got larger)
but also because they made, and still make, some tip-top electro house.

More recently there's been more emphasis on Ed's affiliated artists and groups than the labelmates themselves.
But in all honesty you're far more likely to have heard of Jamaica (previously Poney Poney) than Carte Blanche or Club 75.

To celebrate the release of their new album we've a platter of new tracks.



After listening back to our December mixtape (Before we had decks, mixers, decent midi controllers or any real skill whatsoever) we've realised we badly need to make a new one.
Considering the number of people who've downloaded it, it's quite worrying that quite so many people will think we're (or more accurately I'M) that awful at mixing still.

New mixtape is on the way to celebrate my departure from the Midlands,
as well as to corroborate my unlikely claim: "I'M NOT THAT SHIT ANYMORE, HONEST!"

Pretty much what i've played out over the last few months, or what's worked anyway.

We're considering the idea of a joint mix with me on one half and oj on the other.

Watch this _.

Normally any song that includes the word fuck in its title tends to be awful.
Anyone who so much utters a "TEE HEE" at such songs tends to be awful as well.


Who's coming to reclaim one of the best curse words for the home team?
Soulful prince Cee-Lo ["That fat guy from Gnarls Barkley?" "That producer guy?"] of course.

Fuck You [128]

Official video released,

Le Castle Vania also confirmed to be the chosen remix for the EP.

Mighty fine time at the Social last night, thanks to Dan Roberts of Catholic Girls for putting it on, and all the people who came out for some suitably electronic romping from myself and house/hip hop gold from the greats behind the mixers.

Skeleton Boy (Grum Remix) - Friendly Fires
Gare Du Nord - Carte Blanche
One More Time - Daft Punk
Poison Lips (Extended Edit) - Vitalic
Hustler - Simian Mobile Disco
Suenos Dulces - Thunderheist
Works For Me - The Twelves
Supersoaker (Original Mix) - Louis La Roche
Suite 9 - Puzique
Baiser Sur La Disco (Rubix Refix) - Rubix
New Sky - The Presets
MCs Can Kiss (Original) - Uffie
Lies (Phantom's Revenge mix) - Fenech Soler
France (Edit) - Etienne De Crecy
Engine (Erol Alkan Transonic Edit) - La Priest
Duckkk (VNNR mix) - SGDT
Terminateur Benelux - Vitalic
Kontact Me (Rynecologist Turbine mix) - Boys Noize
Lyposuct (Original Mix) - D.I.M & Tai
Dopium (Yuksek mix) - Ugod
Get Fresh (Alex Gopher Remix) - Kid Sister
Hot n Fun (BYN Mix) - N*E*R*D
Just Bleep Me - Dada Life
To Protect & Entertain (Crookers Dubz and Vocals mix) - Busy P
D.A.N.C.E (Justice Mix) - Justice
Boy Crash (JFK Edit) - Buy Now!
Erothiq (VNNR Mix) - Depuis91
Rocking the Set (Original Mix) - Tai
Bangkok - Boris Dlugosch
Get Off - Sharooz
Black Block (Original Mix) - Modeselektor
Talk to Me (Original) - Hey Today!
Salmon Dance (Crookers mix) - The Chemical Brothers
Avalanche - Boys Noize vs Erol Alkan

A lot of these tracks have been made available on Muxxic over the last few months, so have a gander if any took your fancy. Any that aren't, get in touch.

Last week I was lucky enough to play a little music festival in Matlock alongside veterans Delta, Dukeyboy and a host of bands.
Despite the vast majority of them sounding like some sort of Blink 182/Dragonforce varmint,
the last band David Goo & the Variety Band got everyone moving despite the inevitable tiredness that comes with the final night of a festival with unlimited free booze.
When the electric violinist comes offstage and exclaims he hasn't eaten for three days then disappears in the direction of the food tent, there's no need for a second impression.

Being one of those horrid self-promoting sorts I managed to bag one of their £5 DVD/CD packs for free with the proviso that I spread the gooey love.

Almost Gogol Bordelloish.

Keep On Wishing [m4a, 256]

This mix of Paul Chambers by Soulwax has been flying around for months.
Just not in decent quality.
(I'm not made of money)

You can either try before you buy with this poor quality youtube video,

Yeah, Techno! (Soulwax Mix) [320]
(ed: and it's gone)

Some of the best in the business.
People who can mix Peaches, Vitalic and Dolly Parton in a matter of minutes so perfectly  are truly kings among men.

oh and: 
Still no word on their frankly ridiculous lotp remix, release has been penned and repenned so many times i've pretty much given up hope.
Searching fruitlessly for promo vinyls and CDs has not helped matters.
ANYONE (Who isn't Erol Alkan or Alex Ridha) who has the best in the class Soulwax Remix in 320 will receive a prize should they send it to me.

NO radio 6 rips, NO youtube rips (Got them all).


It seems that new record labels are forming more and more throughout the world of the DJs, and today once again is no exception.

However, i'm quite pleased with the collaberation this time as A1 Bassline, Tek-One and Kavsrave have all teamed up to creat Tighten Up Records, with a release of a two part double A side 12" with a release date of September 20th ( i'll keep you posted on any versions that can obtained before then however).

Even better, to celebrate the collaberations, the following tracks were released for you to enjoy:

Bad Boy Sound - A1 Bassline [320]

Deluded - Kavsrave [320]

Ding Dong Bass - Tek-One [320]

So close to ignoring this video (and track) from Restless People because of the awful preset-synth at the beginning.
Felt the Guitar band with mid-2009 microkorg FOR THE KIDS vibes.
Then the drums kick in.


Some more lovely dubstep for you here, if you so happen to appreciate that aspect of music.
Hailing from California, and simply titled DZ, hes won my heart.
He seems to be of common interest throughout festival season being played out by the likes of Crookers, Herve and Rusko, so it must be good right?!

Enjoy his latest album, "The Proliferation Sequence", for some reason, he decided to release it in two parts.

The Proliferation Sequence Prt 1 - DZ

The Proliferation Sequence Prt 2 - DZ

(and yes, the above image is the album cover - don't ask)

A new (slightly less scatty than usual) mix from one of our favourites, Mr Oizo (Aka Quentin Dupieux).
Mr. Oizo Pictures, Images and Photos


If you want the proper version you'll have to wait for the beatport release.

Enjoy til then.

I'm not sure whether he's serious or being funny.

Teddybears feat. Iggy Pop with "Punkrocker"

& Iggy Pop feat. Swiftcover

Which one's the REAL puppet?

Music blog kings Chemical Jump have started running a fortnightly remix competition.
If you're equipped with a semi-decent DAW you should have a go.

Source material is "Our Time" by Ocelot, very myspace.
No rules regarding genre or editing style.

Synth and vocal stems (high-quality WAV) [136mb]

Post all your remixes on Chemical Jump's Soundcloud here.

Entries must be in by August 16th.

Make it better.

Introducing the CDJ 850:
(Replacement to the CDJ-800)

Price: Around £750-800 each
Available: Later this month (August)

Essentially, this is what you get when you take a CDJ 900 and take away the slip features.
The slip features are the in-loop and scratch features that got CDJ 2000 owners pissy.
Claiming that as they paid close to £500 more they should also have what is one of the best features included on any CD Deck to date.
850 comes with Rekordbox (Just like its bigger brothers), Legato link (repeat), USB cue saves (repeat).
(You get the idea.)

The CDJ 900 is the above with a lot more room for creativity in mixes.
If you want a pair of flashy looking (and high quality) decks but aren't interested in fiddling around with cuts and loops, get the above.

What was more surprising in my little quest for background information was the rumour that Pioneer is going to stop production of the CDJ 400 (After only 3 years?)
Considering that the 1000 and 800 were around (albeit continually updated, mk2/mk3 etc) for close to ten years (released in 2001 and 2002 respectively) Pioneer would be acting like dayum fools to abandon the very-very popular 400s, adopted by smaller clubs/bars and bedroom dj pals alike.

Anyone interested in getting started up should watch eBay.
Just like when the CDJ 2000s/900s were released there'll be a flock to hock old CDJs to upgrade.

(Yes I did just type "flock to hock")

Auto eBay search here (Scroll down).