One of the increasingly few solo female artists who doesn't make me want to
staple my balls, Robyn, has had her new single "Dancing on my own"
(along with others like "fembot") circulating for quite a while.
here's the video;

Forgive the pop faggotry.

Whereas the last album was essentially the knife with nice(r) vocals,
the few tracks i've heard from "Body Talk pt 1" (The part one makes it alt.)
sound far more typical, synth arpeggio play play play etc.
BUT expect collaborations with diplo and royksopp on the album,
the latter already shown to exhibit worthwhile tunes.

Yet more bloody beetroots, this time with refused.
Forgive my idiocy but i've no idea or care who they are.
Gary Coleman Pictures, Images and Photos
Track's good though.

All round happy chappy of mstrkrft has been releasing solo material for a while,
but this is undoubtedly his most ear-catching... thing(?)

Al-p's production gets slicker and slicker, and with wyclef on his past-production list
and a new mstrkrft album to produce he's sure to be shoving more lovely distorted
bass and korg MS-20 lines down our throats soon.
Our very delayed mixtapes are coming along, everytime a setlist and effects are
put together we get new ideas for tracks to include or mess around with.


We'll no doubt get in trouble for it, but Uffie's new album (with updated album artwork).

Not high quality, but you can get that here:

Rumours have been flying around for months about the return of klaxons- journos waiting with pens poised to dismiss their new effort as post nu-rave rubbish, 2007's Chinese Democracy. Find below "flashover", the first glimpse at what is sounding worryingly like Myths Of The Near Future pt 2. Slightly more guitary and hard feel to it, though in song structure and lyrics it doesn't massively sound like nothing we've heard from them before. Still quite enjoyable though. Besides- Soulwax will probably do a Gravity's Rainbow and turn it into something ten times better than it's current form.


Just in case you needed anymore evidence that Deadmau5 is a dick;

[From Deadmau5s Facebook, linked by illictronix]

try this one on for size:

Artwork : http://www.behance.net/QuintinCox

for starters, the first thing that screamed at me was this image:


looks strikingly familiar to my own branding i.e (overly kerned useage of Airal Black) which isnt to say i've invented it, however the co-incidence in this case more or less tells me that as a self-proclaimed "illustrator" you could have probably been a little more 'creative' than that.... so im going to thow "illustrator" out of the window on this one.

let's move onto your music... since your a producer as well by the looks of it.


official tomdom? as opposed to the unofficial one? okay... ill let that one slide for URL availabilities sake... fair play.

Stars (Original Mix) : great... first 3 seconds just went by... and already stinks to high hell with that fucking RGC Audio Vanguard preset lead... great i see where this is going to end up. How many keys does your midi contrller have? 2? because that all i can hear on my end, maybe my speakers are fucked up again... kick, check.... snare.... check... 2 notes... check.... ITS A HIT M8! ... oh wait... whats this coming in.... oh waheeeyyy!!! its FXPansions Strobe.... with 1/8ths notes.... this is some groundbreaking shit, even got it to play a whole chord. sweet. ... NEXT PLEASE.

Night Drive: took me exactly 1 minute from the start to get my head around to thinking
"whats this kick thing?" glad i didnt have to wait anymore... eyy 50 seconds in... hey! theres that familar thing again....no real substance here... just some stabby saws and a 4 bar measure of a resolving melody. I cant say this hasnt been done to death... im guilty of the same offence time and time again. but props for applying resonance to a filter... only the brave go there.

Operation Blade vs. Ghosts n stuff: nothing SCREAMS "i have no talent" like ruining 2 perfectly fine productions by Frankenstein'ing them together. Mashups are a plague on this earth... HOWEVER, ill give you credit for rescoring / resequencing the songs... but not so much for ripping the drumloop from my original.

Tondoms Theme: this is the only thing i actually like on here... for the first 14 seconds anyway.... then it turns into sidechainging gone terribly wrong at 90 bpm ending pretty abruptly with the start of some random fuckin hailstorm that only lasted for 2 seconds?

there you go dude... there my 2 cents... i dont think you should be producing this simple minded shit. Please stick to whatever it is you normally do.

I don't give a fuck what size mousehead you've got or how good you are with ableton live, no need to be a cunt to someone who critiques your dubstep.
More importantly, Why make dubstep in the first place?
It's for dirty people.

We've mentioned his new EP enough times to warrant posting his video for "Flesh".
Same Director of the Huoratron video posted by SM earlier on.


It's always great when hip-hop legends have their stuff totz reinvented for the modern market rite?
biggy smalls Pictures, Images and Photos

But here are some sweet remixes of Biggy and Busta Rhymes, by Lorn and Valerna respectively.
As usual both in 320.

Amanda Blank Sampled Santi/Santogold for this little slice of soppiness:

Very late 90s, anyone who had their mother playing Lauryn Hill or the like in the background will know what I mean.

Erotic, lovely, disturbing and erotic:

More than likely the last we'll see of canadian duo Thunderheist.
Announced two months ago they would be breaking up, but came together to film a video for a Drop The Lime mix.

VNNR (Pronounced vinner) is a humble belgian DJ who found out his remixes
were being played by Justice and Mr Oizo by text from a friend at a festival.
Upon hearing this I felt obliged to like the fellow.
[Ignore his glasses, he's really very good]

His new mix: (not 320, but go buy it from beatport here)

The aforementioned mixes used by the ed crew (All 320)

And his own tracks (he may have made more, I just haven't found them)

Sueme [320]
Arigato [192] (a prize for whomsoever names the sample)

Please find below the debut track of Kele Okereke's solo career. Taken from the upcoming album "The Boxer". Perhaps a bit stock-soundy, but listenable.
Even less hot off the press, yet even more danceable comes the Hackz remix of Enjoy The Day by greek eurovision entrant katerine. Not a clue when it came out but I really like it a lot. This can be downloaded HERE and is highly highly recommended for those who dont mind bopping their heads to what is essentially Waters Of Nazereth+ more stuff.
Also exciting for me is the upcoming release of effect-pedalling funkateers Ratatat's EP 4. This is set to feature the new and very enjoyable song "Parties with children". The music can be listened to by clicking your mouse on the image of two men and a car below.

New track from interpol in high quality;
interpol Pictures, Images and Photos
and enjoy.

Leaked new "disco" from HEALTH, Disco 2.
Less remixey, more experimentation.
HEALTH DISCO Pictures, Images and Photos



Had this in my head all bloody day.
and you can get their 8-track EP "Ordinaire" for free
HERE (very very slow loading, but worth the wait)


Carte Blanche are DJ Mehdi (Ed Banger) and Riton (Modular/Grand Central/Switch), and in preparation for their set at Fabric next week they've a new house party mixtape for your ears;



1. CARTE BLANCHE ‘Do! Do! Do!’

3. FARLEY JACKMASTER FUNK ‘Love Can’t Turn Around’ (Accapella)
4. INNER CITY ‘xxxxxx’
5. DAFT PUNK ‘Face To Face’ (Accapella)
6. LNR ‘You Can’t Stop The House’
7. HOT CITY ‘Hot City Bass’
8. BLAZE ‘Whatcha Gonna Do’
9. PUZIQUE ‘Don’t Go’
10. TODD TERRY ‘A Day In The Life’ (RITON “Feel It” Edit)
11. DEETRON ‘Life Soundtrack’
12. MIKE DUNN ‘Deep Down (The Underground)’
13. ARMANDO ‘Turn My Shit Up’
14. HARDTON ‘Earthquake’
15. THE PERSUADER ‘Bottle Up’
16. DIRT CREW ‘Psycho’
17. MOKO ‘Acid On The Air’
18. JAN DRIVER ‘Tellyfoam’
19. MATTHEW DEAR ‘Dog Days’
21. JOSH WINK ‘How’s The Music’
23. KIKOMOTO ALLSTARS ‘I’ll Make You Jack’
24. LAND SHARK ‘Tie Me Up’ (Chicken Lips Trax Dub)
25. DAN BLACK ‘Symphony’ (Hot City’ Remix)
26. CARTE BLANCHE ‘In The Mix’
27. CARTE BLANCHE ‘Gare Du Nord’
29. PAUL JOHNSON ‘Get Get Down’ (RITON Edit)
30. ROYAL HOUSE ‘Yeah Buddy’
31. DJ JUKE ‘Blow Your Whistle’ (NY House Mix)
32. HARD DRIVE ‘Deep Inside’

You've also got their first EP "Black Billionaires" being released on 31st through ed.