This mix of Paul Chambers by Soulwax has been flying around for months.
Just not in decent quality.
(I'm not made of money)

You can either try before you buy with this poor quality youtube video,

Yeah, Techno! (Soulwax Mix) [320]
(ed: and it's gone)

Some of the best in the business.
People who can mix Peaches, Vitalic and Dolly Parton in a matter of minutes so perfectly  are truly kings among men.

oh and: 
Still no word on their frankly ridiculous lotp remix, release has been penned and repenned so many times i've pretty much given up hope.
Searching fruitlessly for promo vinyls and CDs has not helped matters.
ANYONE (Who isn't Erol Alkan or Alex Ridha) who has the best in the class Soulwax Remix in 320 will receive a prize should they send it to me.

NO radio 6 rips, NO youtube rips (Got them all).