Last week I was lucky enough to play a little music festival in Matlock alongside veterans Delta, Dukeyboy and a host of bands.
Despite the vast majority of them sounding like some sort of Blink 182/Dragonforce varmint,
the last band David Goo & the Variety Band got everyone moving despite the inevitable tiredness that comes with the final night of a festival with unlimited free booze.
When the electric violinist comes offstage and exclaims he hasn't eaten for three days then disappears in the direction of the food tent, there's no need for a second impression.

Being one of those horrid self-promoting sorts I managed to bag one of their £5 DVD/CD packs for free with the proviso that I spread the gooey love.

Almost Gogol Bordelloish.

Keep On Wishing [m4a, 256]