I heard uffie in 2006.
under very embarrassing circumstances
(gay porn related, later)
Her debut is out next year which has lead to outcries of "OMGZZZ SHES SELLING OUT"
of course, most of them are more eloquent than that but you get the idea.
This is a new track from the album.
Let out by the lovely pedro winter (busy P)

it's okay.
Not releaseworthy, B-side?
meh, it's available on february 1st

She's still signed to Ed (unlike Justice)
Her album is being produced by SebastiAn and Busy P/Mehdi.
And we haven't even heard the rest of the album yet.
Stop being a pretentious fuckwit and enjoy it, instead of trying to buildup an alibi
"yeahhhh, I was predicting her selling out months agoooo. Check my blog www.artyhitleryouthfaggot.blogspot.com" < i didnt check this url but if it really exist i will be highly amused

Try enjoying music again.
It's what it's for.