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monarchy, electro london boyduo
little bit like golden filter, somebody suggested presets to me but I disagree.

monarchy - gold in the fire (demo)

^courtesy of discodust.

I love royksopp I do I do,
especially when they do things with Karin Dreijer
Tricky Tricky, What else is there etc.
But Rex the dog have redone "This must be it"
lots of vocoder and synth
typical, but still lovely.
Röyksopp - This Must Be It (Rex The Dog K-DART Remix)
OH and it has steel drums.

lovely bass please:
Dead Disco Drivers - Danger Ride

Dead Disco Drivers - Presets On Parade

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first new material for 2 years, taster of upcoming album
Chromeo - Night by Night

I want to hate these twats but something about it makes me bop

uffie vs salt n peppa vs millionaires

acceptably annoying vs annoying vs cuntishly annoying.