Local Natives - Gorilla Manor
Local Natives Pictures, Images and Photos
Download here here

VAMPIRE WEEKEND Pictures, Images and Photos
I've never ever got vampire weekend.
I'm meant to apparently but they grate on me for no reason at all.
Never the less, sampler from upcoming album Contra

more jangles and harmonies?
Girls - Album
Simplistic but still nice.

Tiny vipers,
sort of joanna newsomish but not.
Maybe a bit of cat power.
Second album, i'm not cool enough to have heard her debut first.
Tiny Vipers Pictures, Images and Photos
"Life on earth"

New decks coming very soon which means new sets,
If I know and love you message me for in-formation

A few people have asked me to post local band stuff.
Please note if your bands name is "alone with you" "Blaspheming lovers" "love lost symphony loneliness" or some other morbid screamo pop shit i've no interest.
Young Djs, local bands with ideas (not necessarily skill or talent) and people interested in production talk to me.