Ask anyone what they think of French music and Carla Bruni, Ed Banger and Yelle are normally thrown down as indicators of a persons WICKEDRAD frenchy knowledge.

The latter has a new single out "La Musique"
Her first release (except for mixes and collaborations) since 2007.
The EP mix link the record company put out has gone down (well done).
But we managed to hoist it out of mediafire hell.

Yelle! Pictures, Images and Photos

Good to hear something that isn't remixed by TEPR or "Parle a ma main".

La Musique (Lorenz Rhode Remix) [only 192]
(Early 90s sitcom theme tune)

It's out October 4th on Kitsune, which means you should buy it to brag and boost your labelcred.
[OH and there IS a TEPR remix on the EP, cue french street dancers]