Introducing the CDJ 850:
(Replacement to the CDJ-800)

Price: Around £750-800 each
Available: Later this month (August)

Essentially, this is what you get when you take a CDJ 900 and take away the slip features.
The slip features are the in-loop and scratch features that got CDJ 2000 owners pissy.
Claiming that as they paid close to £500 more they should also have what is one of the best features included on any CD Deck to date.
850 comes with Rekordbox (Just like its bigger brothers), Legato link (repeat), USB cue saves (repeat).
(You get the idea.)

The CDJ 900 is the above with a lot more room for creativity in mixes.
If you want a pair of flashy looking (and high quality) decks but aren't interested in fiddling around with cuts and loops, get the above.

What was more surprising in my little quest for background information was the rumour that Pioneer is going to stop production of the CDJ 400 (After only 3 years?)
Considering that the 1000 and 800 were around (albeit continually updated, mk2/mk3 etc) for close to ten years (released in 2001 and 2002 respectively) Pioneer would be acting like dayum fools to abandon the very-very popular 400s, adopted by smaller clubs/bars and bedroom dj pals alike.

Anyone interested in getting started up should watch eBay.
Just like when the CDJ 2000s/900s were released there'll be a flock to hock old CDJs to upgrade.

(Yes I did just type "flock to hock")

Auto eBay search here (Scroll down).