I'm not usually a fan of penguin prison, mostly because of the singers voice, which reminds of a somewhatindie daniel bedingfield.

Penguin Prison - Something I'm Not - Official Music Video from penguin prison on Vimeo.

this Excited me

How did I fail to realise Kelis had a new song until hearing on the radio at work.
And what a song!

It's all very "Throw a sampler at it, yeah that'll work" but it turned out rather well.
(Album "Flesh-tone" released in the UK on May 17th, around 3 months before the US)

Speaking of samplers.


The second is a classic, been used by the greatest producers for close to two decades (The fact it hasn't even needed an update to maintain its popularity is testament to it)
The first is the special edition of the Roland 404 (the SX), more modern, recently scoped on tour with the Bloody Beetroots.