Anyone who's heard sebastiAn's "Dog" will know of the masses of potential in metal mixing, the number of people tapping into it (and doing it well) is surprisingly small (SebastiAn didn't return to it after ed rec III).

Then I was sent the remix of slayer, from last years "Ugly Edits vol. 2", the other week by brazilian duo SEXISTALK.
Within a minute my initial skepticism was overtaken by an unrelenting desire to stomp my feet, which in such a thinly floored house wasn't advisable.
You may have seen them mentioned on the blogosphere for their love lockdown remix, or the incessant playing of their first big track "Fuckable" (debut EP "Kiss My Golden Stuff").
unlike us lazy folks, they've ditched CDJs and the like for an army of MIDI controllers and synths to assault some of the biggest clubs in Sau Paulo.

because we're rather lovely, we've a platter;

Fuckable [320]

P.S: I got the Mr Flash ep, it's everything promised, particularly "Flesh".