Vitalic mixed this live which reminded me just how great it is;
Galvanize Pictures, Images and Photos

Chemical Brothers - Galvanize
(M4a, direct CD rip, pretty high bitrate)

Play around with it a bit, it's a lot of fun to mixup.

oh, and
This is the new pioneer mixer:

official pioneer press release
- Multi-touch LCD
- 4 MIDI modes, coupled with 7 sidechain remix effects
- (as always) DJM Beat-synched effects
- 6 effect sub-divisions, all beat-synched, all adaptable to HF or LF
- Connect 4 X CDJ-900// CDJ-2000 for sync, information sharing, live sampling, Rekordbox sync/pre-listen
- Advanced noise reduction with 107db dynamic range
- As usual, 3-band EQs (Still no killswitches!)
- Variable Crossfader + Fader curve adjust
- Digital INs/OUTs (X4) [+ 4 standard RCA]
First reviews have been very good, and another demo on 24th March
Expected RRP: £1800

Sebastien Tellier Pictures, Images and Photos
Sebastien Tellier is being a busy bee working on producing his new album.
Anyone who thought seeing "Sexuality" in American Apparel granted him all the integrity of Alvin and the chipmunks: The Squeaquel, HOLD UP.

Let your faith be restored;
L'amour et La Violence (BYN Remix) (320)

Being the shameless self-promoter I appear to have become there may well be a youtube mix to accompany the new mixtapes.
(For those unable to turn their necks they're the Spring 2010 and Wafro tapes)

I got asked what wafro will be.
Essentially just a mix of anything funky, alot of french filter etc
Expect vinyl samples galore.
Louis La Roche live Pictures, Images and Photos
This kind of stuff (Not french filter, but you get the idea);
Louis La Roche - Malfunction (Original Mix) (320)