Today is a day for long awaited things.
Like leaked (possible) Justice and Daft punk tracks.

The Justice one is causing controversy because if it IS them, their snare effects and trademarks are nowhere to be seen. If anything it's more likely a demo (pre-white noise and distortion added to synth lines ASSUMING they're carrying on in the same direction)
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Shadow Dancer (Boys noize affiliated DJ) has rebuffed the track, he'll be fucked if it IS them.
"Beginning of the end"
Little dubious myself, seriously doubt they'd change this much.

The daft punk track is apparently real, although this was said before when Louis La Roche released his tracks on the low.
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It's important to note that this is more than likely just another film score they're working on and not "Discovery 2", they're currently working on the forthcoming Tron film but we can always hope.
"The Crash"

FAKERY on the part of the justice track, it got good towards the end though right?
Confirmation e-mails from promo@Edbangerrecords.com

✞✞✞ RIP "Beginning of the end✞✞✞