ipod death is a terrible thing.
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I've a lovehate relationship with apple.
I'd never go back to a PC, but still...
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Beak are coming to nottingham in 5 days
(Rescue Rooms)
Hence here's their LP (aptly entitled Beak)
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Supposedly the album was written in 12 days
(compare this to Portisheads penchant for lorrrrng recording and you get an idea)
murk murk murky.

I don't know why I didn't put Lykke Li's album on here sooner :/
Probably distracted by the rather wonderful villains remixes and her collaborations.
Full of really lovely songs to send to someone you want to get into the pants of.
I still have no fucking clue how to pronounce her name though.
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LEE-KEE-LEE? (< This one sounds right to me, unless i'm in the company of people who disagree)
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and a welcome to new contributor sam.