I'm selling one of my synthesizers.
The korg is lovely but not what I need.

Tis' the season of giving yet all I can think about is set-lists and money.

XMAS = £
£ x n = £n
£n = CDJ 1000 MK3 Pictures, Images and PhotosCDJ 1000 MK3 Pictures, Images and Photos

here is the Harlem shakes album, if only all of them were like the ridiculously beautiful mix by k.a.t.b.
"Sick of dressin' like a human, when i'm feelin' like a leopard"
VISIONARIES is what they are.
Harlem Shakes Pictures, Images and Photos
Technicolor Health
^ Rather good.

AND a really really nice little thing that I thought i'd uploaded (but hadn't)
Japandroids Pictures, Images and Photos
visceral is what it is.
Ep's abound over blogland but the lp is fantastic.

Have a good day tomorrow.
I hope you throw up on yourselves and get all manner of useless things to impale yourself with.
luv u.